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Sergiy Fitsak

Why Code Audits are Essential Before Mergers and Acquisitions

In the dynamic world of fintech - where mergers, acquisitions (M&As), and tech integrations are commonplace - the quality of software systems is pivotal for achieving long-term growth. When firms ...

06 Dec 2023
Kanika Hope

A turning tide for challenger banks?

The climate has changed for fintechs and challengers this year. They are entering unchartered territory in a rising interest rate and recessionary environment with tightening funding and incumbent fig...

04 Dec 2023
Sergiy Fitsak

Is Machine Learning the Ultimate Weapon Against Financial Fraud?

The financial sector is anticipated to experience a notable surge in fraudulent activities, leading to projected losses exceeding $40 billion by 2027. This increase marks a significant uptick from pr...

29 Nov 2023
Riaz Syed

How Coreless Banking Can Give Banks a Competitive Edge in Today’s Financial Landscape

In today's fast-paced financial landscape, the idea of a bank stopping a customer in their tracks to say, “I need to contact my core provider,” is no longer a recipe for success. Over the years, legac...

28 Nov 2023
Alex Kreger

Digital Banking Strategy: Sales Obsession Could Cost $23 Billion

Huge budgets are spent on promoting products that users do not need, and that are not easy and pleasant to use. Product designers and user experience specialists often work under marketing departments...

28 Nov 2023
Maria Schuld

Making Sustainability a Common Practice

Many financial institutions lay claim to sustainability with Going-Green objectives as an element of their culture as well as an on-going commitment to their customers. But getting these intentions in...

27 Nov 2023
Joris Lochy

Beyond Imagination: The Rise and Evolution of Generative AI Tools

Generative AI has revolutionized the way we create and interact with digital content. Since the launch of Dall-E in July 2022 and ChatGPT in November 2022, the field has seen unprecedented growth. Thi...

26 Nov 2023
Yuliya Barabash

Threats and risks of implementing digital currency (CBDC) for average person

The European Central Bank (ECB) has announced the transition to the preparatory phase of the digital euro project, marking a significant step in the evolution of the modern financial system. Consequen...

23 Nov 2023
Sergiy Fitsak

FinOps: Just a Buzzword or the Key to Getting More Out of Cloud Investments?

Introduction to FinOps Services Cloud computing has become an integral part of modern businesses, offering scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency. However, the escalating complexity of cloud in...

22 Nov 2023
Alex Kreger

Customer Experience in Banking: Key to the Success of Bank Digital Transformation

The rapid development of digital technology is making new demands on financial brands. Marketing methods that used to work perfectly only a decade ago, don't deliver the expected results anymore. Ther...

22 Nov 2023

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