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Discussion around current trends in regulations for banks globally

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Aoife Harney

GDPR in Context: 6 Key Data Protection Principles

GDPR outlines six principles that organizations need to abide by. These principles aren't new - they were already outlined in the 1995 directive, but GDPR has revised them slightly. We delve into each...

03 May 2018
Breana Patel

Best Practices in Internal Capital Adequacy Planning

Best Practices in Managing Internal Capital AdequacyGuaranteeing a Solid Base of Capitalization Cooked down to its essence, the convulsion that overtook the international banking system in 2008 came d...

30 Apr 2018
Aoife Harney

GDPR in Context: The 6 Legal Bases for Processing

The first principle of data protection requires that all personal data be processed lawfully, fairly and transparently. A legal (or lawful) basis for processing must be satisfied before an organizatio...

24 Apr 2018
Retired Member

Bracing for Brexit

There are very few things we can be certain of in regard to Brexit, other than the fact that it won’t be concluded in 2018. It would be premature, though, to dismiss Brexit as topic solely for the pol...

27 Mar 2018
Reghunathan Sukumara Pillai

Corporate Credit Appraisals and Decision making

Corporate Loans occupy significant size in the asset portfolio of large Banks. Most of the Banks have a well-defined corporate credit department comprising of relationship managers, credit appraisal o...

22 Mar 2018
Reghunathan Sukumara Pillai

Regulations for Non Performing Assets- How effective is the implementation ?

Lending is a major activity for major Banks and lending for capital investments, infrastructure, finances in Government sector and industries, heavy machineries contributes to the development of econo...

19 Mar 2018
Brendan Jones

The World of Open Banking

Open banking is not just for Europe, although many of us sitting in Europe probably think it is. Many other markets around the world have been noticing what Europe is up to and other countries and r...

12 Mar 2018
Brendan Jones

EU Open Banking is not just for banks

Or maybe the headline should really read EU PSD2, open access APIs are not just for banks and the first thing we all need to be clear on is that UK open banking, that has been launched with the CAM9, ...

12 Mar 2018
Freddie McMahon

Conduct Risk is now an epidemic and is appearing in far too many places. It is time to deal with it.

In its simplest form, conduct risk is when an organisation’s stakeholder’s behaviour leads to unwanted behaviour or crimes, either detected or not, and detrimentally damages an organisation’s or secto...

18 Feb 2018
Ajay Katara

TRIMing the RWA’s

Ensuring comparability among Banks is coming out as a key theme from the BIS (Banks for international settlement) .Many new proposed guidelines on Pillar III Disclosures, Standardized approach for c

17 Feb 2018
Vaibhav Grover

Responsible Lending Guidelines- Threat or Opportunity for Banks?

What is 'responsible lending' all about? In Australia, Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has issued regulatory guidelines that makes it mandatory for the lenders to assess and ma...

07 Feb 2018