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Mete Feridun

EU Banking Package: is MREL transparency really warranted?

Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD), one of the components of the EU Banking Package, which was published in the Official Journal of the EU on 7 June 2018 will need to be transposed into EU ...

14 Jul 2019
Dmitrii Barbasura

The requirements for non-dedicated PSD2 interface and how ASPSPs can meet them

This is the first piece from an upcoming series of articles about non-dedicated PSD2 interfaces. The scope of these articles is to describe to EU-based ASPSPs that have chosen to provide a non-dedicat...

09 Jul 2019
Mete Feridun

UK regulatory reporting regime is unduly complex - could RegTech be the solution?

The regulatory reporting regime for banks and investment firms in the UK is unduly complex. Regulated firms are required to follow guidance from numerous regulatory sources and have to grapple with co...

02 Jul 2019
Neil Smith

PSD2: What Is It and What Does It Mean for Fraud?

Payment Services Directive 2 – better known as PSD2 – has been a hot topic since it came into effect in January 2018, with the EU and many banks vigorously pursuing its development. Businesses have u...

28 Jun 2019
Brendan Jones

Are eIDAS certificates sufficient for PSD2 Open Banking?

Introduction At the European Banking Authority (EBA) Working Group on APIs under PSD2, a number of market participants raised concerns that there could be a potential mismatch, particularly in the cas...

18 Jun 2019
Dmitrii Barbasura

TPP identification challenge for ASPSP under PSD2

According to PSD2, the financial institutions that act as ASPSPs should have in place at least one interface for regulated TPPs (including other ASPSPs that act as TPPs) for identification and secure ...

30 May 2019
Brian Costello

How B2B brands can protect themselves within the AISP-TPP-TSP nexus

One of the key features of the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and UK Open Banking is the requirement that all (almost) parties engaged in delivering the account information services (AIS) t...

23 May 2019
Maximiliaan Van De Poll

Incumbent banks could actually benefit from PSD2's SCA

Usually when a new regulation comes in, its goal is to make things more secure, more private, or more inclusive, but often, at the expense of the service provider or convenient ways of working. For on...

20 May 2019
Brian Costello

Getting Strong Consumer Authentication right: What banking providers need to know

Since the first anniversary of Open Banking earlier this year, I – along with much of the fintech industry – have been questioning the progress of the new regulations, what more we can do to improve c...

30 Apr 2019
Willem Lambrechts

Degroof Petercam risks multimillion euro penalty - DE TIJD 25th April 2019 -

A new era seems to have arrived, also in Belgium. Degroof Petercam, one of the "old ladies" in Belgian private and investment banking, has been awarded the lowest possible audit-score by the...

25 Apr 2019
Saleha Anwar

Open Banking APIs: How open should we be to Open Banking?

Evidently, there are more and more innovative FinTech startups as well as banks and insurance companies changing the industry landscape by providing new and easy to use applications and solutions. How...

07 Apr 2019
Konrad Litwin

Don’t forget software development when preparing for audits

In the compliance and regulation-driven financial services market, we all know that audits are a fact of life. What is perhaps less well-known is that software development is also subject to these au...

29 Mar 2019