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Mark Gibson

What Differentiates modern AML Solutions from Legacy AML?

The Legacy Approach In my prior article, I discussed Rules Engines vs Machine Learning for AML/BSA/CFT compliance. In this article we differentiate legacy AML process from modern a Agile Compliance ap...

05 Oct 2019
Gil Shefi

She or he who masters the DATA masters FRTB

“Data is King” has become an idiomatic phrase. Banks have an abundance of data, but the recent fines levied by the FCA against prominent UK banks for their failure to accurately report transactions un...

26 Sep 2019
Eli Taranto

Breaking the Taboo About Offshore Banking

Offshore banking has always carried an air of subversion about it, but following the release of the Panama Papers in 2016 the industry was catapulted into an entirely new and highly critical light. Si...

25 Sep 2019
Mike Kiser

Strong Customer Authentication: The Potential and Peril of Biometric Authentication

As I strode quickly off the plane I had taken back to the US and towards customs recently after an international trip, I reached into my satchel. Like the rest of humanity, I did not want to spend any...

25 Sep 2019
Mark Gibson

Review of The RegTech Book article, 'RegTech and the Science of Regulation'

The REGTECH Book: The Financial Technology Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs and Visionaries in Regulation, Wiley August 2019. Authors: Janos Barberis, Douglas W. Arner, Ross P. Buckley. Amazon ...

20 Sep 2019
Nadja Van Der Veer

Taking a chance on TPPs: a road banks cannot afford to follow

Despite all the new and varying financial players in today’s market, banks still hold a vital position in society. Firstly, they play a huge part in ensuring the stability and the integrity of the fin...

20 Sep 2019
James Stickland

Financial sector granted life-line extension to PSD2’s Strong Customer Authentication

Regulators put little trust in the strength of the current payment authentication system and rightly so, as fraud levels have hit an all-time high. In the last year, over 2.6 million UK accounts have ...

17 Sep 2019
Mete Feridun

Countdown to Brexit: What should EEA firms do about their regulatory permissions?

As the countdown to 31 October 2019 can now be measured in weeks, the UK and the EU are hurtling towards a no-deal Brexit. This has implications for inbound passporting EEA firms as the UK Financial S...

06 Sep 2019
Rachel Woolley

KYC Utilities: The Promised Silver Bullet for Nordic Banks?

KYC utilities provide access to a unique and validated source of data, but liability for satisfying KYC and AML obligations ultimately remains with Nordic banks. The Nordic banking landscape has witne...

06 Sep 2019
Freddie Frith

Artificial Intelligence: A Competitive Edge for Financial Institutions

The Regulatory Landscape The rise of financial technology has drawn the attention of regulators to FinTech firms and how they function. FinTech companies like any other regulated institutions are requ...

05 Sep 2019