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Konstantin Rabin

Explaining digital gold - is it part of fintech?

Digital gold cash, also known as DGC is a type of electronic money dependent on mass units of gold. It is a sort of proxy cash, similar to a US paper gold licensed from 1873 to 1933 that were replacea...

10 Sep 2020
Koen Vanpraet

The four key elements of a perfect checkout

The success of any ecommerce merchant is down to how well they can convert their customers into buyers. The two don’t automatically mean one and the same, and while a percentage of customer will arriv...

09 Sep 2020
Sandra Higgins

Are you prescribing the right security solution to your merchants?

When it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, eating the right food, taking regular exercise, and maintaining a positive mindset are key. However, despite these best intentions and practices, you stil...

08 Sep 2020
Konstantin Rabin

The process of implementing AI in finance

Artificial Intelligence is the most sought-after innovation in the financial industry after blockchain according to most experts. Based on the current situation in the fintech sphere these two “featur...

28 Aug 2020
Amita Choudhary

Why Investing in Fintech Is a Great Option Right Now

The link between finances and technology has grown so strong that the rise of fintech as its own field happened very quickly and almost without disrupting the market at first. Today, fintech is one of...

27 Aug 2020
Ryan Clifford

The customer community: harnessing the power of sideways communication

In a world with more customer choice than ever, retention has become one of the key business metrics – especially for SaaS businesses. A commonly quoted statistic is that it can cost five times more t...

25 Aug 2020
Konstantin Rabin

Fintech needs better innovation than the blockchain

It’s very hard to argue that there has been a better innovation in the fintech industry than blockchain in the last decade. This small but powerful technology has completely changed the understanding ...

24 Aug 2020
John Cragg

So, you want to operate your own data centre?

If you are going to build a data centre to handle activities such as card issuance and payment transaction processing, then that data centre will need to meet the requirements of one or more Payment C...

19 Aug 2020
Roel Jansen

A decade of Cloud adoption in Banking: Living up to its promise?

About a decade ago banks started adopting cloud technology. At first, they were very careful, and it included lengthy discussions with conservative regulators and anxious security officers. Later bank...

19 Aug 2020
Justin Pike

Why the world needs PIN

Technology is a great enabler. It brings enormous possibilities in customer experience and product innovation, but it also brings new levels of sophistication in the activities of fraudsters. In the p...

19 Aug 2020
Retired Member

Data Breaches: How We Got to Where We Are Now

Introduction Data breaches have been escalating out of control in recent years. Not even top companies can prevent massive hacks and account takeovers of their customers. No industry is immune either,...

18 Aug 2020
Paul Marcantonio

Fighting the coronavirus cybercriminals

The coronavirus pandemic is changing all of our lives in ways we could barely have imagined twelve months ago. From stay-at-home-lockdowns to mandatory masks, to a new culture of increasingly working ...

18 Aug 2020