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The financial services industry has much to contribute to the UN and World Bank goal of full financial inclusion by 2020. This group will focus on industry contributions, ideas, barriers and enablers.

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Graham Seel

Can Banks Really Meet the Financial Needs of the Poor?

We often talk about whether banking the poor can be profitable, as though that’s the only thing stopping banks from providing the financial services the poor need. But in reality, the bigger challenge...

20 May 2015
Graham Seel

Financial Inclusion in a US Immigrant Community

The US Financial Diaries, which have been collected and analyzed over the past year or so by the Center for Financial Services Innovation in tandem with NYU Wagner’s Financial Access Initiative (FAI),...

15 May 2015
Graham Seel

Not All Savings Are Created Equal

There is a tendency to talk about savings for the poor rather generically, as though there really is just one thing called “savings”. With credit, it is more obvious that there are short-term and long...

12 May 2015
Graham Seel

Financial Inclusion Will Require Simplicity

Can we reach full financial inclusion in 5 years? Given the World Bank FI2020 goals, apparently our world leaders think the answer is yes. But those of us working in the commercial banking segment see...

06 May 2015
Graham Seel

Financial Services for the Very Poor - Demand Must Drive Supply

With the current huge focus on Financial Inclusion at the global level and in an increasing number of governments, as well as rapid developments in technology, opportunities to provide financial servi...

28 Apr 2015
Graham Seel

Balancing Risk and Access in Financial Inclusion

or Spare a Thought for the Poor Can’t-Win Regulators. Regulators are about as popular among Financial Inclusion enthusiasts as a football (soccer) referee. Referees get credit for slowing the pace of ...

23 Apr 2015