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Retired Member

Payment outages don’t have to keep happening. Here’s why.

Over the last 12-months, several high-profile FinTechs and challenger banks have experienced multiple outages for cards processing, leading to reputational damage, anxious tweets, irritated customers...

31 Oct 2018
Shaun Thomas

The Digital Identity move in Australia

Providing physical documentation such as your Passport or Birth Certificate to prove your identity is currently the biggest issue government services are facing in their attempt to digitally transform...

30 Oct 2018
Jason Bell

Understanding what's blowing in the wind in financial services

Face the music There are times when the power within a trend is not self-evident. It can appear to be a passing tremor in the status quo, rather than a movement or a development or a growing force tha...

26 Oct 2018
Raz Rafaeli

Why Mobile-Based Password-Free Authentication is the Future for Finance

If today’s fintech sphere relies on one thing, it would be smooth and unfettered digital access. The fast pace of financial transactions and commercial activity means financial institutions need to gi...

24 Oct 2018
Ivy Schmerken

A.I. on the Fast Track

When the stock market plunged 1300 points in two days on Oct. 10th and 11th, many analysts scrambled to reconcile the market turmoil with U.S. companies reporting strong corporate earnings. While U.S

22 Oct 2018
Bo Harald

There are no corporate customers.. only Mr Same Guy

And no private customers either - just human customers in several roles. A legal person has btw never done anything. So remember this when you create services. Same user experience across roles - an

03 Oct 2018
Shailendra Malik

All AI initiatives have an underlying data story

We’re all going overboard with the AI boom and the hype cycle. Problem with all hype cycles is that when we’re at peak the horizon looks beautiful and when the slide begins the avalanches tear apart e...

29 Sep 2018
Jason Bell

The importance of harnessing FinTech thinking

FS&I: The new order The financial services ecosystem is transforming. While no organisation would deny the pressing need for digital transformation, I'm referring here to anther kind of change; th...

27 Sep 2018
Retired Member

4 fintech startups changing the way people donate to charity

Over the decade since the global financial crash, charities have had a tough time securing donations. Cultural shifts mean that trust in institutions has plummeted and people are less willing to indul...

27 Sep 2018
Shailendra Malik

Evolving Multi-Cloud solutions and strategies

In today’s ever-evolving IT systems world the cloud & big data are no longer buzzwords, they drive strategy and an even heavy chunk of budgeting discussion. As big organizations gear up to invest ...

15 Sep 2018
Shailendra Malik

ICOs from innovation to abuse

In past 2 years market for ICOs have boomed like a wild flower and the flower is everywhere. Only later you’ll realize that it isn’t the flower it is the weed. The concept of ICO was noble and it was ...

31 Aug 2018
Shailendra Malik

Gig economy - A boon for Immigrants

With the current political polarisation of the world, we find herds of immigrants entering multiple countries in search of safety, security and with a dream to build a better and brighter future for t...

17 Aug 2018

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