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A discussion and guidance on the path to full scale adoption of electronic invoicing by corporates, goverments, SME's and consumers, creating savings up to € 60 billion in 2020. With a focus on: trends, business models, processes, technology, and legal issues.

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Brazil einvoicing checklist for 2014 mandates

In our continued conversations with multinationals around the new version of the Nota Fiscal process and schema, we continue to find that many companies don't fully understand the breadth of the legis...

05 Dec 2013
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Argentina makes einvoice changes effective Jan 1, 2014

Are you part of the tax regimes that the mandate effects? Argentina announced last October 31, 2013 that effective January 1, 2014, it would no longer support the “factura local” web service and would...

13 Nov 2013
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2014 ERP Upgrade Budget Risks in Latin America

In 2014, Latin America has announced new tax and electronic invoicing policies which will divert IT funding and staff away from strategic initiatives while exposing multinationals to potential operati...

06 Nov 2013
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Mexico e-invoicing means Account Payable validation for 2014

I was on the phone with two Fortune 500 companies yesterday to discuss Latin America electronic invoicing. And as I often am, was shocked that they had taken no steps toward implementing Mexico CFDI ...

31 Oct 2013
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Latin America einvoicing policy and the FCPA legislation

The government has visibility into every single one of your invoices – Do You? As we continue to explore transparency and risks in Latin America, I wanted to continue on the topic of the Foreign Corru...

23 Sep 2013
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Doing Business In Latin America - FCPA and einvoicing

Does Your Local Supplier Have Best Practices In Place So That Your Company Can Avoid Liability Under The FCPA? I read an interesting article the other day, and wanted to discuss the importance of elec...

11 Sep 2013
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Brazil NFe Upgrades - Considerations as You Evaluate

Should you evaluate an alternative to your NF-e solution with the new legislation in Brazil? Many companies when first faced with the electronic requirements for electronic invoicing in Brazil turned ...

27 Aug 2013
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Mexico CFDI - Customers can create Chaos

Mexico CFDI PAC Strategies (Part 4 of 5) - Customers create Chaos It should not be forgotten in this discussion around government XML standards and compliance mandates that the purpose of an invoice...

08 Aug 2013
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Mexico CFDI - What do you mean I have to manage printers?

Who would have thought that one of the key components of an electronic document would be a printer? Aren’t printers for paper and isn’t this a contradiction to an electronic invoice? In the case of M...

07 Aug 2013
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Brazil Nota Fiscal: NFe v3.1 2014 mandated change

The Brazilian SEFAZ, tax authority, in combination with the ENCAT, the technical arm of the SEFAZ, has just published the latest version of Nota Fiscal as of July. In future blogs, we will be discu

06 Aug 2013