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A discussion and guidance on the path to full scale adoption of electronic invoicing by corporates, goverments, SME's and consumers, creating savings up to € 60 billion in 2020. With a focus on: trends, business models, processes, technology, and legal issues.

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Discussion: 7 facts and myths about PDF invoices

It is! It’s not! Yes it is! No way! You’re a nutcase! You stop this nonsense NOW! That is quite likely what you get when trying to discuss whether a PDF invoice is or is not an e-invoice. In essence ...

29 Sep 2011
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8 Crucial Tips to Avoid paying Fake e-invoices

Acquisition fraud costs entrepreneurs hundreds and hundreds of millions of euros per year. Acquisition fraud among other things implies that invoices sent invoices for products or services that never ...

15 Sep 2011
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Ladies and gentlemen, the EESPA has landed

After a gestation of six months, on Friday September 2nd, the EESPA was officially born. EESPA stands for European E-invoicing Service Providers association. Among the 13 Founding fathers are BSP's li...

13 Sep 2011
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Iranian hacker made 60.000 digital certificates worthless

Microsoft, Google and Mozilla have revoked the Diginotar certificates from their lists of safe certificates for browsers and applications. Shortly after, the Dutch government decided that digital cert...

08 Sep 2011
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15 Essential E-invoicing Questions to ask Yourself

E-invoicing is hot and promising. More and more organisations want to start sending or receiving e-invoices. The amount of ROI depends on 15 questions you should ask yourself before and while e-invoic...

08 Sep 2011
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Norway shifts to compulsory B2G e-invoicing as from 1-7-2012

As from 1 July 2012 B2G e-invoicing becomes compulsory in Norway. The format is EHF: Elektronisk HandelsFormat. This format is a subset of subset of UBL2.0. The Norwegian Agency for Public Management ...

06 Sep 2011
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Dutch enterprises massively embrace electronic invoicing

More and more Dutch companies prefer sending electronic invoices, instead of the paper invoice. Last year, another 15% of the Dutch companies switched to e-invoices. Measured as the steepest growth r...

02 Sep 2011
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Should the Aussies promote e-invoicing?

E-invoicing providers urged the Australian federal Government to explore the introduction of mandatory electronic invoicing to avoid a carbon tax bill of up to $24 million a year. Despite its ambition...

01 Sep 2011
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Penalties: appropriate way to increase e-invoicing adoption?

In the advent of the EXPP Summit, Bruno Koch from Billentis stated that more organisation plan penalties for paper invoices, or already charge extra for paper invoices. He asked whether this was an ap...

26 Aug 2011
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German e-invoicing liberalisation vetoed

On July 8th 2011 the Bundesrat, the German upper house of parliament, denied approval of the changes adopted of the federal tax regulations already approved by the Bundestag (the lower house of Parlia...

26 Aug 2011