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Payments systems visions, strategies, trends, pilots, forecasting, and planning for the short-, medium-, and far-term.

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Li Yong

Why payments is key to the gaming industry in APAC

The gaming industry is booming, and Asia is its centre. But it’s also becoming more competitive. And with payments increasingly being baked into the player experience, getting this fundamental element...

07 Jul 2022
Den Burykin

Opportunity for payments industry to shake survival mentality

The payments industry had been dealing with a series of rolling crises, tectonic shifts in the global financial system, before the world’s central banks sounded the alarm on stagflation. It feels like...

05 Jul 2022
Hervé Manceron


22 Jun 2022
Glen Foster

The business impact of automated payment management

Across all walks of life, one thing that brings people together is the fact that we all have bills to pay. When it comes to business owners, the nature and quantity of those bills becomes more difficu...

16 Jun 2022
Hervé Manceron

PaaS: a new technological approach in the payment industry?

Over the last two years, PaaS (Payment-as-a-Service) providers have entered the market at an increasingly rapid pace. As PaaS expands its breadth of cloud-based services to the payment value chain, th...

16 Jun 2022
Jamel Derdour

The untapped potential of Chile, Colombia and Peru

The rise of digital payment systems in Latin America (LATAM) is typically dominated by discussions on the region’s largest markets. Brazil and Mexico feature heavily in this discourse, a reflection of...

15 Jun 2022
Jamel Derdour

Leapfrogging payment technologies in Mexico and Brazil

For the majority of the payment industry’s history, innovation has been led by multinational payment organizations. Having established a foothold in advanced economies and setting the groundwork for d...

13 Jun 2022
Jamel Derdour

Countering fraud in e-commerce in LATAM

E-commerce has revolutionised the way consumers are able to find and purchase goods and services online. In advanced economies, online transactions have become commonplace, with some businesses even p...

30 May 2022
Alex Reddish

The data around the transaction will become more valuable than the transaction itself

This principle is not a new one. Sometimes it is talked about in a different manner, but let's consider how long data has been harped on about as the ‘next big thing’. It goes as far back as 2006 when...

26 May 2022
Retired Member

The pandemic changed the payments game but not in the way you think

The past two years have represented a seismic shift in the patterns of both our working and personal lives. The pandemic has impacted many aspects of our lives and accelerated pre-existing trends in h...

25 May 2022
Den Burykin

Much risk, little urgency for Australia's payments infrastructure

The Australian banking industry is displaying a worrying lack of urgency when it comes to plugging the strategic holes in our payments infrastructure after the floods in NSW and Queensland. Global thr...

23 May 2022
Carolyn Breeze

The great Australian payments shake-up isn't going to stop in 2022

We are living in one of the most exciting times in the payment space. It would have been hard for many to predict 30 years ago that we would make payments with mobile phones or even digital watches, a...

19 May 2022

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