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Payments systems visions, strategies, trends, pilots, forecasting, and planning for the short-, medium-, and far-term.

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Leo Lipis

2022’s Biggest Payment Trends: Instant Payments, Fraud, Strides in CBDCs, and XB Payments

2022 was a year of major announcements and developments in instant payments, digital currencies, and cross-border payments. The European Commission plans to mandate the adoption and regulate the price...

05 Dec 2022
Arina Dudko

Banks and Crypto Companies are Co-Evolving. Customers Stand to Win.

In the natural world, when two species co-evolve, they develop traits to accommodate the other, and vice versa, in the spirit of mutual betterment. For instance, a clown fish is able to seek safety fr...

02 Dec 2022
Rowan Brewer

Solving the cost-of-living crisis with data driven real-time Financial Services

Financial Institutions (FIs) have found themselves in the spotlight once again as inflation continues to rise and many global economies are on the brink of recession. Central banks are doing what they...

29 Nov 2022
Glen Foster

Breaking the late payments cycle

Amid economic turmoil, including a rise in corporation tax for 2023, late payments are on the rise significantly impacting business survivability. According to an FSB study, one in three business owne...

28 Nov 2022
Jamel Derdour

Payment gateways forge a path to financial flexibility

Alternative finance (alt-fi) has steadily grown as a viable payment method in the e-commerce ecosystem. According to a report from Cambridge Judge Business School, in 2020, online global alt-fi volum...

21 Nov 2022
Retired Member

Gearing up for pan-EU instant payments

The European Commission’s draft EU law to regulate instant payment (IP) services has arrived. It’s a development we’ve all been expecting, yet earlier than planned. The intervention and early publicat...

17 Nov 2022
Gian Mahil

Can Pay-By-Bank apps stop payment fraud ?

Pay-by-Bank solutions are suddenly the fashion in the payments world. Solutions are available from HSBC, JP Morgan, Barclays, JP Morgan, Mastercard and World Pay to name a few. How do they work and do...

17 Nov 2022
Tim Annis

Adapting to a cash-lite economy: What the Future Holds

In the last two years, there has been a considerable change in payments. The rapid digital transformation that Covid caused across all industries has been particularly evident in payments as supportin...

15 Nov 2022
Jamel Derdour

How the FCA and payment services providers can help address financial fraud

September 2022 will be remembered as an era of profound change for the UK. At the beginning of the month, Liz Truss was officially appointed the UK’s prime minister, who is now responsible for leading...

28 Sep 2022
Jamel Derdour

How technology and data can be used to drive merchant performance

The volume and efficiency of cross-border payments have increased considerably over the past decade. Figures from Statista show that, in 2018, $124 trillion US dollars in cross-border payments were ma...

22 Sep 2022
Jagdish Udayakumar

Cash or Card or ??

There are more chances that you might have faced with that famous question when you stand in front of a supermarket till for making a payment - Cash or Card? well, there is going to be a possible 3rd ...

19 Aug 2022
Glen Foster

How to combat payment fraud with digital accounting tools

The global cost of payment fraud It is estimated that online payment fraud cost the global business economy over 16 billion pounds in 2021. With the shift from physical to digital as a result of the C...

26 Jul 2022

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