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Payments systems visions, strategies, trends, pilots, forecasting, and planning for the short-, medium-, and far-term.

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Will My Suppliers Accept a Card Payment

In the B2B world, generally speaking, buyers and suppliers both understand the benefits of moving to electronic payments. These benefits include higher rates of straight-through processing, reduced b...

09 Feb 2011
Miloslav Hoschek

Basel IV rules based on negative rates

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision may create for a 2020s decade the next generation of ANTI-DEFLATION global banking rules based on negative interest rates, simply "Basel IV Acco...

02 Feb 2011
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How to identify online- more or less survey?

My another passion is to understand how to identify and sign documents/ agreements online. To understand the complexity of this issue, I would like you to describe your local law and methods how you a...

02 Feb 2011
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Funding Your Accounts Payable Automation Projects Part Two

Turn Your A/P Cost Center into a Revenue Generator! As a follow on to my last post, Funding Your Accounts Payable Automation Projects, which discussed the use of virtual card technology to earn rebat...

31 Jan 2011
Retired Member

E-invoice and direct debit as online payment

When meeting merchants who offer services online, most of them one day ask is there any other option than card based systems, where fees run up to 2,5 % or even 4 % per transaction. Of course there ar...

28 Jan 2011
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Dual chip phone for payments without option to talk

Over 10 years ago my former employee (bank) with mobile manufacturer was dreaming of building dual chip mobile handset. It was planned to have one chip card for SIM and other for card payments. It ne

25 Jan 2011
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Funding Your Accounts Payable Automation Projects

Often times, we see automation technology implemented in the same sequence as A/P processes. Areas such as document scanning, OCR, e-Invoicing, imaging, workflow and payment approval are addressed bef...

21 Jan 2011
Miloslav Hoschek

Can be a Global Money Supply Measured in Multiples of Bits?

Can we then measure the global money supply for instance in yottabits, or bits? cont. copyright Miloslav HOSCHEK PhD independent consultant mhoschek/ad/

05 Jan 2011
Barry Kislingbury

Payment Services Hub - buzz word or something real?

The term ‘Payment Services Hub’ (PSH) has become the latest and greatest buzz word in the payments industry, and promises a new and innovative alternative to the traditional ‘payment engine’. This is...

03 Dec 2010
Miloslav Hoschek

The deflation helix differs from deflation spiral

Let's define at first the abstract new terminology related to our theme. We will suppose that the deflation spiral has limited constraints and frames. We will explain here how the deflation spiral tra...

09 Oct 2010
Miloslav Hoschek

Unorthodox Willem missed anti-deflation modelling

In Wall Street Journal paper Sept.10, a chief economist of Citi London Mr. Willem Buiter had written interesting article titled: Is this the Right Time for the Fed to go Negative? It is not a bad

17 Sep 2010
Miloslav Hoschek

Milliseconds Battlefield ChiX Europe LSE Xetra Topix NYSE

cont. copyright Miloslav HOSCHEK PhD independent consultant mhoschek/ad/

21 Jul 2010

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