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Social Banks is a group that aims to discuss trends and debate as the financial services take their first steps into social media. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc..debate all here.

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Monitoring Social Media, Surveillance or Enablement?

An article on ZDNet caught my attention recently. It looked at a Gartner report that said 60% of businesses will be monitoring social media by 2015 and asked its panel of CIOs if were they doing so a...

02 Aug 2012
Retired Member

People sharing photos of cards online are not idiots...

...they might just be your increasingly rare fans. A few weeks back a new service started on twitter. @NeedADebitCard collated all the finest photos from the Internet taken by people keen to share th...

17 Jul 2012
Elizabeth Lumley

Be a person...even if you ARE a bank

I'm been thinking a lot about our fair Natalie lately. One thing you hear about, frequently, is that banks are hesitant to engage with social media because 'why would we open ourselves up to abuse fro...

26 Jun 2012
Retired Member

Can RBS Group turn a bad week into a positive future?

As someone who has experience of socialising customer services for banks, I watched the fallout from the Natwest/RBS technical outage yesterday with great interest. In particular I was struck by how ...

22 Jun 2012
Retired Member

Why Being Social Could Pay Dividends

Key research from Carol Rozwell of Gartner last year identified that 20 percent of enterprises that employ social media beyond marketing will lead their industries in revenue growth by 2015. With a gr...

20 Jun 2012
Retired Member

Social Media Job Shows The Changing Tide

So Goldman Sachs has been slow to embrace social media, is that surprising? Like every decision it’s a matter of weighing up the cost of mitigating the risk versus the benefit. And that’s what I think...

03 May 2012
Retired Member

Disruptive start-ups and banks - threat or opportunity?

Like my colleague, Caz, I was also at the Finextra Social Media day last week and I was also inspired by the social business panel and, in particular, Giles Andrews from Zopa’s comments on trust. As C...

02 May 2012
Elizabeth Lumley

Where can I find the 'wisdom' in crowds?

Late last month I was invited to the Friday night kick off for Seedcamp's Seedhack financial technology 'hack-a-thon' event held at the Google-run UK Campus, recently launched in London. When you go t...

12 Apr 2012
Retired Member

Money for old rope?

Earlier this week, FSA exec, Martin Wheatley, hit the business pages after suggesting that free banking no longer works in today’s climate. He said “the reality is that if you are providing services ...

15 Mar 2012
Retired Member

The use of data from large social business platforms

I was working on some data analysis for a client, pulling out swathes of CSV from Facebook and using it to create insights around the demographics and behaviour of a specific audience. Aside from havi...

24 Feb 2012
Elizabeth Lumley

The customer is king - even in banking

I took part in two panel discussions last week focusing on very similar themes - the customer. More specifically - the bank customer. Those outside the banking world - in any other retail-orientated ...

20 Feb 2012
Elizabeth Lumley

At least it isn't pink ...

Citi recently re-launched its personal finance site, Women & Co - opening up the site to non-Citi customers. Well done, finally we women have a personal finance site that speaks to the issues th...

07 Feb 2012