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Enrico Camerinelli

Formula One and Banks

As an Italian living in Monza, Formula One is sort of a lifestyle. The Italian Grand Prix is one of the longest running and most important racing events of the kind, having been held at the course of ...

14 Jul 2014
Patricia Hines

Client Lifecycle Management for Transaction Banking

In today’s competitive environment, financial services firms are faced with the challenge of maximizing revenue, reducing attrition, and maintaining customer relationships. That means adopting a holis...

25 Mar 2014
Chris Principe

Transitions and Transaction Banking

Transitions and Transaction Banking Transaction Banking is a suite of uniformed products that comprise the key corporate needs for working capital optimization. That suite of products is made up of a ...

23 Mar 2014
Enrico Camerinelli

Another Lost Opportunity for SWIFT?

When I wrote my comment to a previous announcement about the KYC registry I did not want to do the bird of ill omen to SWIFT although all planets seem aligning to put the bank cooperative into a corn...

20 Mar 2014
Retired Member

Banks New Frenemy: Threat and Promise of Telecom in Payments

Banks have seen a number of challenges over the past few years and now find themselves facing a brand new, unexpected challenger in the payments marketplace: the telecoms! Can telecom service provider...

29 Jan 2014
Enrico Camerinelli

The Quest for KYC

Two very recent announcements from SWIFT and KYC Exchange represent the first concrete answers to growing market demand for a common and global repository for Know Your Customer (KYC) information. I...

18 Jan 2014