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Patricia Hines

International Expansion in Financial Services

Corporates in advanced economies are accelerating their international expansion ambitions as they look to escape slow growth at home and expand abroad, looking to capture sales growth in geographies t...

02 Jul 2013
Nahum Goldmann

222M Euros error - the importance of exception management Speaking of transaction banking and exception management, a bank clerk nodded off for a second while processing a transfer requ...

13 Jun 2013
Enrico Camerinelli

A New Era for Payments: B2B Networks

I am thinking of a model where companies will exchange payments via the same network infrastructures they already use for business-to-business (B2B) transactions such as purchase orders, sales orders,...

05 May 2013
Enrico Camerinelli

Something New Happening in Transaction Banking?

I am happy to share the initial findings of my research on how transaction banking is transforming. I will post additional information as my research develops and new fact-based findings emerge. Tra...

29 Apr 2013
Martin Bailey

Stand and Deliver

When my dad wanted to underline something as especially true, he would use the phrase "you can take that to the bank." If someone wanted to underline the chances of something making money, t...

26 Mar 2013
Retired Member

Credit payment without card

Last week NetPosti (Itella, local postoffice) provided new payment option for their virtual post office in Finland. Idea is neat and I already see global copy cats to use same idea in larger percpect...

19 Feb 2013