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Do We Need A Global ACH?

Global ACH, or iACH as it is sometimes called, seems to be the buzzword of the moment. Is there is a good business case for a global ACH? Characteristics of an ACH Automated Clearing Houses are great ...

02 Oct 2012
Enrico Camerinelli

Transaction Banking in Europe: The Changing Landscape

Transaction banking—the set of instruments and services that a bank offers to trading partners to financially support their reciprocal exchanges of goods (e.g., trade), monetary flows (e.g., cash), or...

21 Aug 2012
Martin Bailey

Help - I've got crisis fatigue

The world has been in crisis now for 5 years. That is a year longer than World War I and a year shorter than World War II. To me, the word crisis implies a short moment of panic when something is goin...

06 Aug 2012
Andy Hunter

Making UK Payments Regulation Work

Government's decision to wind up the Payments Council and vest control in some form of statutory body raises serious issues of governance and commerciality. The underlying assumption that civil servan...

06 Aug 2012
Martin Bailey

The price we pay...

Some things are very easy to put a value on such as a loaf of bread or a pint of milk. Services are harder to value and prices can vary wildly especially in different geographies. How much should we p...

30 Jul 2012
Enrico Camerinelli

New frontiers for Transaction Banking IT

I have come to the conclusion that readers want to get straight to the point when they read blog articles. Therefore I will outline my opinions in a series of short sentences that should facilitate re...

01 Jul 2012
Enrico Camerinelli

The future of transaction banking? Not a secret

To understand how Transaction Banking (TB) will evolve there's no need for crystal balls. Just look at what's happening in the procurement departments of the corporate world, and you get a sense of it...

25 May 2012
Retired Member

Me and my data 2.0

Who owns my data and where it is? Google has a lot of info about me, banks and insurance agents have it too, credit card companies carry a lot of payment data about me plus several other companies and...

25 Apr 2012
Martin Bailey

Guilty as charged!

There is nothing so unjust as when you have to pay for something that you think should be free or if you have to pay far more than the value that you perceive. News on the Internet, credit card annual...

19 Mar 2012
Olivier Berthier

Transaction Banking gearing up for transformation

Kudos to the Transaction Banking practice of PwC for recently publishing their updated review of the trends in and around transaction services. It is a recommended read and does a good job at summari...

16 Mar 2012