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Patricia Hines

Upgrading Your TMS? Five Connectivity Questions to Consider

Are you in the process of upgrading your Treasury Management System (TMS)? So are many other Global 1000 organizations. Dozens of multi-national corporations each year embark on treasury transformatio...

26 Nov 2011
Retired Member

Why banks in India can't charge USD 5 for use of debit card

(or Rupees 5/- if you may please) Customer centricity is the new buzz word for bankers. The banks are drawing up strategies to retain customers, reduce customer attrition and when asked quote authent...

11 Oct 2011
Bo Harald

Everybody should have the right to a bank account

The right - and the obligation to open one (fees are normally not high). No salary should be paid in cash - and social benefits only to accounts. How much could be saved - and how much crime avoided. ...

09 Oct 2011
Retired Member

Charging for Use of ATMs

I think the move to charging certain people for use of other banks' ATMs is deplorable - and we have been here before, only to see it dropped. Some of us remember that the introduction of ATMs was dri...

24 Aug 2011
Retired Member

Transforming payments into a profitable business

Transaction banking is now receiving the respect it deserves as a sustainable source of revenue and vital customer touch point. In fact, in 2009 global payments revenues were $900 billion – double tha...

23 Aug 2011
Retired Member

Why customers do not trust banks

or banks excel in being opaque I have been a long standing customer of a big...

17 Aug 2011
Retired Member

Customer Service - Is there a unified view?

The bankers across the globe have different perceptions and definition for customer service. When I talk to them, customer centricity is their primary focus to enhance loyalty. Is the metric for custo...

21 Jun 2011
Barry Kislingbury

Is SWIFTs strategy working?

February is the time for many of us to visit SWIFT for the annual Partner meeting. It was nice to see some new faces this year and it’s also a great opportunity to catch up and discuss SWIFTs strateg...

11 Mar 2011
Retired Member

E-invoice- it is great, but..

I have been promoting e-invoices over 5 years. I still have high hopes for it, but still there is something what is missing. This morning after advising my old dad how to use e-invoices, I started to...

19 Jan 2011