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Cracking Nuts With Sledgehammers at UK FI

Last week saw the start of ramping up staff numbers at UK Financial Investments, the 'arms length' company the Government is setting up to manage the investments in RBS and the merged Lloyds group. I...

29 Nov 2008
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Forcing The Banks To Lend Part 2

Yesterday saw the ante being well and truly upped on this issue, with the Bank of England Governor weighing in and the Chancellor speaking forth too, issuing veiled threats aplenty. This smacks at a ...

26 Nov 2008
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The 'Yes Buts' Are Ignored Again At Our Peril

Why is the the contrary view so devalued these days? In years gone past, savvy managers would ask people (the 'yes buts', or Devil's Advocates) to think about the downsides of any proposed course of ...

25 Nov 2008
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Size Matters

There are a couple of reasons why the rumoured reduction in VAT is more likely to fail than succeed. One is the fact that much of peoples' basic spending is not subject to VAT and the other is one o...

24 Nov 2008
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How Do You Force A Bank To Lend?

Notwithstanding the complete ar*e the banks have made, at the macro level, of the world's finances, most bankers at branch level can probably still be relied upon to make sensible decisions about lend...

21 Nov 2008
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Never Mind Tax Cuts, Save Up for the Coming Bail-Outs

Before we get too carried away with the prospect of (unfunded) tax cuts, perhaps the government should be keeping back some of their non-existent funds to bail out other industries. After setting a p...

17 Nov 2008
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Does Credit Scoring Really Serve Us Well Anymore?

One of the processes that needs to be examined, as the world's authorities work out how to change the financial infrastructure for the better, is the process of automated and remote credit scoring and...

07 Nov 2008
Bo Harald

Next step - e-invoicing

It is evident - paper invoices will disappear from the business to business and business to government sectors and then later in practise also in the business to consumer/government to citizen area. ...

05 Nov 2008
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Mega Savings Equals Mega Job Losses

It's an interesting dilemma for an organisation like LloydsTSB. They need to be quite bullish about the benefits to be derived from the takeover of HBOS (if they are to convince people to support it)...

05 Nov 2008
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Time For Shareholders To Assert Themselves

The opportunity exists in the next 3 months for a significant shift in power in the corporate world. Shareholders large and small have a unique opportunity to exercise a degree of control over the co...

04 Nov 2008
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Rise of the No.2; Did they try harder?

Remember the legendary tag line from Avis - 'We try harder'. This gave words to the might of the No.2. Is the credit crunch reversing the league tables in global banking? Consider this - - Till about ...

17 Oct 2008
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Outsourcing and consolidation in Transaction banking

There is no doubt that transaction banking is growing. But is this growth straight forward and all-round… or are there some undercurrents. Let us look at some developments - AIB and Barclays outsourc...

28 Sep 2008