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A community for discussing the latest happenings in banking IT. Credit Crunch impacting Risk Systems overall, revamp of mortgage backed securities, payment transformations, include business, technology, data and systems architecture capturing IT trends, 'what to dos?' concerning design of systems.

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Hans Tesselaar

Strength in Numbers

The famous basketball player, Michael Jordan once said: "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." In team sports, collaboration and teamwork play a deciding role ...

09 Jun 2020
Joris Lochy

RPA - The miracle solution for incumbent banks to bridge the automation gap with neo-banks?

Hypes and marketing buzz words are strongly present in the IT landscape. Often these are existing concepts, which have evolved technologically and are then renamed to a new term, as if it were a brand...

18 May 2020
Retired Member

Are banks that run on legacy systems able to compete with their digital counterparts?

Now, more than ever, the disparity between the legacy systems still used by some traditional banks, and the newer systems used by challenger banks, is stark. It goes without saying that systems develo...

13 May 2020
Joris Lochy

Abstraction in Financial IT - How far can and should we go?

Abstraction is a fundamental concept in software engineering. An abstraction is a simplified version of something technical (with unwanted details omitted), which allows to hide away complexity via a ...

06 Nov 2019
Joris Lochy

Microservices - Yet another buzzword or a real innovation for the Financial Services Industry

1. Introduction Microservices are the new hot trend in the application architecture landscape. Like SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and cloud a few years ago, "microservices" is the buzz...

07 Oct 2019
Paul Shumsky

Building A Bank With Microservices

Let's begin with the most common statements on using cloud solutions for online banking platforms I frequently get from clients: Statement #1: No banks use cloud solutions! Answer: Read a bit more of...

07 Oct 2019
Paul Shumsky

How To Build FinTech Apps In 2024

Banks and other early Fintech companies, which were built on legacy or some other system are quickly realizing how difficult it is to make changes to their digital services. The recent evolution of cr...

30 Sep 2019
Retired Member

An Insight for Online Retail Banking & Customer Experience

With banking on the internet being around for quite some time, there is no doubt that banking has been made a lot easier and convenient for many. With more people shopping online and taking on various...

07 Sep 2019
Felix Kronabetter

Sweden sees less cash, more problems

The members of Europe’s cash management association ESTA came together for its 35th annual conference on 19th and 20th May at Vienna’s Intercontinental Hotel with the rallying cry, “A bright future fo...

09 Aug 2019
Retired Member

Innovation 2.0: ATMs in the 21st Century

Innovation is reshaping global financial services. From how they are consumed, to who offers them and how they’re structured, we live at a time when new ideas and new approaches to payments and digit

08 Jul 2019
Retired Member

Placing customer experience at the heart of innovation: the rise of the instant bank account

The majority of traditional and challenger banks in the UK are currently lagging behind customer demand for an instant account set up, and risk missing an opportunity to attract new customers and reta...

04 Jul 2019
Retired Member

Contemporary Issues in building Solutions over European Banking APIs

This article is written on 5th June 2019 during API Days Finland Presentations highlighting the experience, issues, challenges of non-standard PSD2 and Open Banking APIs Published by various European ...

06 Jun 2019

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