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A community for discussion of Transaction Fraud systems and anlaytical techniques for bank card and financial services organisations.

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RBS WorldPay ATM heist nets 9 million in 30 min

"An attorney in Atlanta has filed a class-action lawsuit against RBS WorldPay for allegedly failing to protect personal information." This problem can be eliminated altogether by allowing ca...

04 Feb 2009
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VBV is locking your front door but leaving your windows open

:-) Getting warmer... Using VBV is very much like locking your front door but leaving your windows open. I have said this in 2001 to a VISA security executive : "VBV or 3DSecure's weakness is ...

17 Dec 2008
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Toys R US' Communications

Toys R US' comments made me laugh. If police found that the skimming device was used to save PIN and card numbers (meaning that Toys R Us accepts pin authenticated card transactions), then why would T...

16 Dec 2008
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Important Announcement of Iris Scanning Security in the UAE

This kind of news actually make the Central Bank of UAE and authorities in the UAE truly 'seem' uninformed. Anyone in the payment security business (fraudsters as well) know that this will not solve t...

04 Dec 2008
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Good job but it does not stop here...

"According to press reports, the investigation began in March after Brussels-based e-payments outfit Atos Worldwide told authorities that cash withdrawals were being made overseas using cards cop...

21 Nov 2008
Elton Cane

Looking at the president's bank account 'for fun'

French police have arrested six people in their investigation into the high-profile fraud attack on President Sarkozy, but believe they are only minor figures in a wider plot. What's more interesting ...

31 Oct 2008
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Phishers take AIM Banks should offer solutions that consumers would readily take up because the solution solves the problem and because they feel secure and confident abo...

22 Sep 2008
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Irish cards blocked after data theft

Well, the intention is good but these card numbers need not necessarily have to be stolen to be used. The luhn-digit algorithm check is easy enough to use to be able to come up with valid card numbers...

08 Aug 2008
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US, UK, EU Target Global Payments

The news that "the Bank for International Settlement (BIS) has issued a consultative document seeking feedback on ways to address... ...the lack of transparency in payment messages used for cross...

21 Jul 2008
Uri Rivner

Limbo Dancing in the House of Lords

The UK's House of Lords is calling on the government to make banks legally responsible for losses incurred by customers through electronic fraud ( That...

09 Jul 2008

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