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A community for discussion of Transaction Fraud systems and anlaytical techniques for bank card and financial services organisations.

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Interchange Fees, Card Fraud and Merchants

Card Fraud can be eradicated but only if card issuers will take the reponsibility of implementing the correct solutions. The solutions that provide the best protection and which can eliminate card fra...

16 Jun 2009
Elton Cane

Judge warns bank on record retention

The full text of the Job vs Halifax judgement makes for interesting reading. Both claimant and defendant called some well qualified witnesses, from Cambridge University and APACS. The bank produced a ...

05 Jun 2009
Cedric Pariente

Crisis and Credit Situation in France

The situation in France is pretty unique in these times of crisis. Here is how credit is structured and how French people see it and use it. CREDIT IN FRANCE What is the credit situation in France an...

29 May 2009
Cedric Pariente

Importance of Customer Services during a Crisis

In 2009 "cutting costs" is on every CEOs/VPs lips and Customer Services are often the target of this policy. Customer Services What is it? Everything is in the title. It's all about "...

01 May 2009
Cedric Pariente

Online Banking, Hacker's Mind and Mutual Authentication

Lately I have read a lot of interesting blogs and comments about identity theft. This is obviously a hot topic, Hackers have never been so active and banks have had a hard time keeping up. Prologue:

24 Apr 2009
Cedric Pariente

Hacking, OTPs and next generation of Authentication Methods

The following authentication scenarios discussed here apply to a simple connection between a client and his online banking website. After reviewing the most dangerous hacking techniques, we will see

18 Apr 2009
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VISA expels Heartland and RBS Worlday from the world of PCI

In one report, RBS admitted that a hacker penetrated a server at their payment processing unit. No one has really provided the details as to how the wise-guys got a hold of the pin-codes. My theory i...

18 Mar 2009
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ORBISCOM has been in business for 10 years

I thought the video interview with Steve Abrams of Mastercard was quite interesting. Just as I suspected, Mastercard was not aware of the existing patent which does not belong to ORBISCOM. His respon

03 Mar 2009
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Visa and Emue CARD OTP Combo - an innovation showcase

OTPs are of course better than static pin-codes. A move to require OTPs instead of the static pin-code will surely help eradicate card-present fraud. Can such a card even be inserted into any chip a

02 Mar 2009
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Breakthrough patent for something that can be done manually

"Chase Card Services, the credit card division of JP Morgan Chase & Co. [NYSE:JPM], announced that it recently received a patent from the United States Patent Office for its breakthrough frau...

25 Feb 2009
Elton Cane

Update on Halifax EMV lawsuit

We were contacted recently by Alain Job, who filed a lawsuit last year against Halifax over an alleged fraud instance on his EMV chip card, for which the bank is holding him responsible. Our news stor...

12 Feb 2009
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Interchange Fees and whose fraud is it anyway?

The Interchange Fee is part of the Merchant Service Charge (MSC) paid by a card acceptor (merchant) to a card issuer. Some reports state that the Interchange Fee can be 66% - 80% of the MSC and

08 Feb 2009

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