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'New Risk Management' Needs Accurate Data

Two weeks ago I questioned what form a ‘new risk management’ would take and how far the industry is rallied around the 2010 GARP Risk theme of “Transforming Risk into a new world order”. I had hope

24 Feb 2010
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Expanding Risk Management....With Accurate Data

Looking at the themes for next week’s GARP conference, how can anyone be anything but rallied by this year’s bold theme, “Transforming Risk in a new world order”, and the acknowledgement that the fina...

08 Feb 2010
Elizabeth Lumley

The long and complex road to CEP

While consolidation in the trendy CEP market is very big news - it is worth taking a step back and looking at the true market penetration for complex event processing the financial services. CEP colle...

05 Feb 2010
Retired Member

Scoop of your own data on top?

A recent FTfm article reminds me of how the shift of power between funds and investors has turned the reporting function into an ice cream shop – any flavour, any size, whenever the customer wants. B...

28 Jan 2010
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Too much info: you may just have all the data you need

"This was not a failure to collect intelligence, it was a failure to integrate and understand the intelligence that we already had." NYTimes quoting President Obama after his meeting with na...

11 Jan 2010
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The Failure of Risk Models

Avinash Persaud of Intelligence Capital gave the opening talk of the morning at RiskMinds (see first of set of posts from last year here) and put forward a lot of the very good ideas that he has cont...

08 Dec 2009
Gert Raeves

Price and Prejudice and Zombies

Easily the most unusual literary success story of the year, the Jane Austen inspired mash-up novel which inspires this blog title is terrific trashy fun. If you are looking for a quirky Christmas pres...

03 Dec 2009
Retired Member

It's in the news...

I went along to the Forum on News Analytics over in Canary Wharf on Monday evening, organised by Professor Gautam Mitra from OptiRisk / Carisma at Brunel University. I guess we are in the early day...

13 Nov 2009
Elizabeth Lumley

Could this be the mythical Markit-killer?

Bloomberg's global identifiers for all asset classes are now available for free. A move that will be applauded by most standards and identifier evangelists. However, as most veterans of the standards ...

04 Nov 2009
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The American Securitization Forum’s (ASF) work to enable the tracking of individual US mortgages is just one example of the finance world’s renewed faith in fact. This in turn is paving the way fo

26 Oct 2009
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Integrated Data and Analytics Management

What is Integrated Data Management?... At a seminar a week or so back, I was asked the somewhat academic question was "What is Integrated Data Management?". Certainly everyone seemed convinc...

22 Oct 2009
Retired Member

The Uncertainty of Pricing Models

I managed to catch some of the first day on Thursday of the "Pricing Model Validation: Mitigating Model Risk" conference. I thought it would be worthwhile going along since firstly the past...

20 Sep 2009