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A community for discussing the application of Web 2.0 technologies to financial services.

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Which banks are embracing social media?

Recently Steve Ellis asked why more banks aren't stepping up to the challenge of social media. It's true, few banks seem willing to embrace social media and other Web 2.0 tools, but there are a few ...

03 Apr 2008
Steve Ellis

Slow moving banks are losing customer mindshare

I understand the constraints that banks face when trying to embrace different aspects of social media - the regulatory concerns - all the organisational and cultural issues they have to overcome... bu...

02 Apr 2008
Steve Ellis

Fynanz: peer-to-peer lending for an illiterate generation

I take it back, I take it back. No, not all modern students are illiterate. I blame the worldwide shortage of decent urls and a lack of respect for vowels. Still, from Monday this week students (in ju...

19 Mar 2008
Steve Ellis

Intuit needs to find a new business model

And that needs to be SaaS based. Well, that's what Sramana Mitra thinks.

27 Feb 2008
Paul Penrose

The new, new banking

Research from ComPeer suggests that demand for financial advice has slipped sharply in the past four years. In the research among 2000 adults, respondents were asked who they regarded as their main ...

20 Feb 2008
Steve Ellis

How personal finance web sites build trust

A nice article here from BusinessWeek on the techniques a new generation of personal finance web sites are using to build trust among their online audience. The article takes a snapshot look at Wesa...

12 Feb 2008
Steve Ellis

Jodange searches investor sentiment with Top of Mind

Jodange has debuted Top of Mind at Demo '08 - the press release is here. Built using the expertise of a bunch of Cornell University computer scientists, Jodange claims Top of Mind is already in evalu...

01 Feb 2008
Steve Ellis

Reuters liberates Calais

Mashable reports Reuters has announced Calais, an open API for automatic content tagging aimed at bloggers and content publishers. The Calais web site offers a $5,000 bounty to any developer quick off...

30 Jan 2008
Steve Ellis

Banks closed by authorities, ATMs run dry

... in Second Life that is. Which makes it seem a touch irrelevant to the real world right now. Although it is, apparently, costing Second Lifers who deposited with a number of the virtual banks the ...

23 Jan 2008
Steve Ellis

Michael Feser joins fledgling online broking site Zecco

Mashable points me to news that Michael Feser, a senior exec at E*Trade Financial, is to join the admirably funded ($35 million at last count) online broking 'community', Zecco. Feser was previously ...

23 Jan 2008

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