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A community for discussing the application of Web 2.0 technologies to financial services.

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Shiv Nanda

Financial empowerment through account aggregation in India

The way people manage their finances in India has changed as a result of account aggregation, an innovative financial service that has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. The simplest defin...

27 Jul 2023
Shiv Nanda

Mastering Cash Flow in Finance: A Comprehensive Guide

In the intricate world of finance, understanding cash flow is akin to deciphering a company's financial heartbeat. Cash flow, the lifeline of any business, is the measure of money inflows and outflows...

19 Jul 2023
Yahya Mohamed Mao

Fintechs and banks might rather collaborate than compete

Rather than competing, fintechs and traditional banks might possibly create more value by working together. While fintech companies continue to drive innovation in the financial services industry, man...

19 Jun 2022
Amita Choudhary

Is Your Company Overdue for Offering Health Insurance?

The complexity involved in being a new business owner is a huge challenge. There is just too much to keep in mind, and it’s natural for some things to slip between the cracks because you and your mana...

18 Feb 2022
Amita Choudhary

Types of Finances Explained

The term finance refers to the management of money and involves managing funds through lending, investing, borrowing, saving, budgeting, and planning. Finance is how you manage your funds along with a...

07 Dec 2021
Retired Member

Top 5 Forex CRM Providers 2021/2022

What is the core component that impacts the success of a brokerage company? Most business owners name trading platforms, payment providers, or licenses. Those ones are of much account as well; meanwhi...

24 Nov 2021
Retired Member

Leadership and business dilemmas teaching finance under the new light of sustainability

Leadership and business dilemmas teaching finance under the new light of sustainability According to the best-selling book Reimagining Capitalism: How Business Can Save the World, “traditional finan...

26 Jul 2021
Nikolay Zvezdin

The Death of Traditional Economy and Emergence of Narrative Economy

The year of 2020 has been among the ones which will be marked in humankind history – global lockdowns, spreading virus, race for vaccine, overleveraged economic decline, yet continuous capital market ...

22 Feb 2021
Hemant Vishnoi

Purchase Cards Bring Working Capital Efficiencies

Businesses are incorporating Purchase cards into their business models to manage their working capital. Due to their boosted efficiency and vast variety of benefits, Purchase Cards, also known as P-Ca...

25 Sep 2020
Konstantin Rabin

Why it's time to kiss plastic cards goodbye in the UK

The United Kingdom has one of the world’s largest and most influential economies. Over 66 million citizens of Britain share the GDP of around $3 trillion, making them some of the biggest spenders glob...

18 Sep 2020

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