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A discussion of trends in innovation management within financial institutions, and the key processes, technology and cultural shifts driving innovation.

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Priya Lakshmi

Un-’block’ your business 1.0: Blockchain and Crowdsourcing- A marriage made in heaven

The rise of the gig economy has given rise to many marketplaces and businesses – eBay, Uber, AirBnB and the like that support this shared services economy. Uber and AirBnB disrupted the current busine...

21 Dec 2017
Linda Zaikovska-Daukste

How Blockchain, Chatbots and AI Could Affect Banking UX Design in 2018

Finance has always been quite conservative but it hasn’t missed out on technological progress. Now banks are separating from their customers due to technological progress. According to the research, 4...

18 Dec 2017
Freddie McMahon


As covered previously, Chatbot Natural Language Processing (NLP) is not underpinned by Artificial Intelligence that is a Singularity, all knowing, god like. Once this is obviously clear then it is imp...

08 Dec 2017
Richard Carter

2018 Looms Large. What Does The Future Hold for Lenders?

A New Game Awaits Digital fluency and a thirst for convenience are making the UK’s borrowers more capricious and cost-sensitive than ever. Interest rate rises, and new regulations will add fuel to

30 Nov 2017
Priya Lakshmi

Un-’block’ your business 1.0: Is KYC a Blockchain use case or do we need more?

Blockchain is very exciting for many and offers tremendous opportunities to make processes more efficient, create new markets and change existing market infrastructure. A lot of people are also joinin...

17 Nov 2017
Jose Pierre


It is no longer a question that Emerging technology, such as robotic process automation (RPA) and, cognitive computing will have great impact on our businesses in years to come and, will undoubtedly t...

14 Nov 2017
Henri Wajsblat

How bank CFOs are using technology to drive transformation

The CFO role in financial institutions has always been pivotal. But as the industry evolves and technology and data become increasingly critical to operations, CFOs have taken the lead in driving indu...

14 Nov 2017
Jeremy Light

Is Bitcoin a Store of Value or a Payment System

It is a while since I have written about Bitcoin, but I continue to be fascinated by it. In particular, by Bitcoin’s ability to endure and continue serenely on in the face of all manner of controversi...

13 Nov 2017
Jean-Stephane Gourevitch

Autopsy of a disaster: Thoughts on the Equifax debacle

The Equifax debacle demonstrate the danger lurking into a very outdated, non-customer friendly and absolutely not transparent approach to data. The market is sanctioning Equifax before the regulators ...

10 Nov 2017
Retired Member

The IoT and Rural Banking in India

Can IoT transform last mile delivery of financial services to rural India? While rural banking in India is heavily reliant on channel partners and distribution networks, an emphasis on digitizing and ...

09 Nov 2017