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A discussion of trends in innovation management within financial institutions, and the key processes, technology and cultural shifts driving innovation.

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Vinod Sharma

CashLess OR LessCash

Abstract – Journey from cash only transactions to less cash and thereafter if possible moving to cashless or digital money society. This journey looks very simple in textbooks or written on blogs or p...

19 Dec 2016
Alex Kreger

How FinTech Affects Banks by Betting on User Experience?

Bill Gates said that banking will always be needed, but banks as we know could easily disappear. And FinTech is all about winning changes and everyday finance improvements. In 2015 venture capitalist...

15 Dec 2016
Retired Member

Preparing for Real-Time Payments in the US

The Clearing House (TCH) has announced its plans for a real-time payments initiative for the U.S. The Real-Time Payments (RTP) system, scheduled to go live in April of 2017, will support the sending a...

13 Dec 2016
Retired Member

Identity verification in an era of data breaches

Cyberattacks and breaches have grown in frequency, and losses are on the rise. In 2015 the number of U.S. data breaches continued to break records with 781 reported where the number of records exposed...

08 Dec 2016
Retired Member

How RegTech Could Keep a Firm from Being Overprotective

One solution to protecting financial data is simply to treat all data as sensitive. This would avoid the complicated work of developing and implementing complex data aggregation tools and procedures. ...

01 Dec 2016
Konstantin Rabin

Banking Data For Third Parties

Money is not the only thing banks store in their premises. The other valuables are counted in bytes — or even petabytes, i.e. client data. Everything about customers, from their personal information t...

29 Nov 2016
Alex Kreger

Banking UX Design Challenges and Opportunities in 2017

User Experience (UX) in banking is about human feelings, impressions and behaviours while using banking digital interfaces. For my UXDA agency the aim of banking UX engineering is to create financial ...

29 Nov 2016
Michael Carter

How A Business Valuation Can Help Your Insurance Needs

The consequences for under-insured businesses are one of the most series issues that business owners face today. The value of insurance and a company’s chosen policies become truly apparent when a cri...

22 Nov 2016
Graham Seel

Squeezed Interest Margins - Incentive for Innovation

Because of increasing competition, and low interest rates, net interest income is going down. This isn’t what our shareholders and members want. But what can we do about it? In a previous post, I lis...

09 Nov 2016
Alex Noble

Identity, verification and blockchains

It’s been a while since I last blogged. Since then, one of the things I’ve been spending a lot of time on is the concept of ID&V, especially the challenge of joining the “ID” (identity) and “V” (v...

08 Nov 2016