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A discussion of trends in innovation management within financial institutions, and the key processes, technology and cultural shifts driving innovation.

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Nick Ogden

Time to cheque out for Christmas

As we sit back and relax this Christmas a topic of conversation that is likely to rear its head over the festive Ogden dinner table will likely be the demise of the cheque. With several generations a

21 Dec 2009
Bo Harald

Republic of Finland - exemplary action

The State Treasury sent out letters to 16 000 suppliers to the public sector last week to remind them of the fact that only electronic invoices will be accepted as of 1.1.2010. The deadline for paper ...

20 Dec 2009
Bo Harald

Happy end for SME-tale in sight - if banks do their part..

We often hear the tragic tale about the SME-sector. Nobody is really interested in them and is competing for their business. Not the banks, not insurance companies, not the accounting profession, not ...

20 Dec 2009
Bo Harald

Too civil civil servants

The public sector is increasingly outsourcing service production - and thus giving more space for the sector's management to do much more important work - policy making, driving change, creating ruleb...

13 Dec 2009
Bo Harald

From division of labour to interactive value creation

Teemu Arina drew my attention to Esko Kilpi's blog and I picked out extensive quotes (emphasis mine) - full post certainly worth reading: "Division of labour reduces organizational effort and co...

13 Dec 2009
Bo Harald

Final report - roadmap to paradigmatic platform

It took some time - 26 full days of meetings and countless telephone conferences to get this report in place. But it was time well spent as the iteration rounds unified the opinions, fully supported...

10 Dec 2009
Bo Harald

Germany: E-Invoicing as part of the coalition contract

Quote from Bruno Koch's newsletter "The newly elected German Government plans to accelerate use of electronic invoices in Germany by removing barriers hindering their adoption. E-Invoicing is t

08 Dec 2009
Retired Member

Maths to Money - Quantitative Investment

I attended the Quant Invest 2009 event for the first time last week in Paris. The event is all about quantitative investment strategies with an institutional asset manager and hedge fund focus - so no...

05 Dec 2009
Bo Harald

Sonera showing the way in Finland Charging for paper invoices has been a touchy subject in Finland even if: - all experience shows that transparent pricing (pro...

03 Dec 2009
Retired Member

Investor genetics - not so surprising

There's a new study out that says investor behavior is almost half determined by genetic factors. Twins who were raised apart were compared to twins raised together, in terms of their investing prefer...

02 Dec 2009