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A discussion of trends in innovation management within financial institutions, and the key processes, technology and cultural shifts driving innovation.

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Peter J Cooper

One Million Jobs Lost Globally - More To Come

In September, I blogged here on Finextra saying (paraphrased) 'sell NOW, we have already, it is going to get a lot more ugly and could be worse than 1929'. By my count the global job losses (based on...

11 Dec 2008
Retired Member

Plan your christmas gifts - using a tool from your bank

Today I was reading the Netbanker blog about Zions Bank gift planner. I find it very innovative, a new value-added service which helps the bank to make their customers loyal. It helps to list your gi...

01 Dec 2008
Retired Member

Web in cars - web banking in cars?

Watching the answer of Mercedes to BMW's iDrive, I think the dashboard screen makes a perfect web-browsing interface. And if it is a simple web browser built-in, why not make an online banking clone ...

21 Nov 2008
Peter J Cooper

Fragmentation Index - Congratulations Fidessa

With the introduction of MIFID fragmenting liquidity was inevitable. Keeping a meaningful eye on it in a usable manner however is and will continue to be a challenge. Congratulations to Fidessa for ma...

21 Nov 2008
Elton Cane

Will government backers stifle innovation?

Will state involvement in bank ownership stifle innovation at those groups that have taken bail-out money? As banks step back from serving the low end of the economy, which is perceived as too risky, ...

19 Nov 2008
Retired Member

If I Wanted To Be A Bank Could I Have All Girls?

I read Sriram's blog about having a dream - wanting to be a bank. It got me dreaming. If I wanted to be a bank who might I choose to run it? Being a bit of an alternative thinker I thought - who woul...

17 Nov 2008
Retired Member

No Mobile Transactions, Hello Fee Per Month?

I welcome confirmation of our own conclusions that customers want to use their mobile similarly to ATM usage patterns - primarily for balances. The transaction part they'll have to do without for the ...

12 Nov 2008
Retired Member

One device as bankcard and OTP generator

I have found an image of the VISA PIN card, and generally I like the idea. Today I have to carry a bankcard and a token as well, and I'm afraid of losing one. If this offering is cheap enough, Vasco a...

11 Nov 2008
Retired Member

Have to watch those Aussies!

I note that the new Visa card with built-in OTP generator hails out of Oz. It makes me proud. It already has a transmitter/receiver (of sorts) and a keypad - all it needs is a microphone and a few twe...

11 Nov 2008
Nick Ogden

Contactless payments, are we talking money?

Contactless payments really seem to have exploded recently. In the past month alone, we have heard announcements from both MasterCard and Visa about trials they are conducting in cities such as Liver

10 Nov 2008