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A discussion of trends in innovation management within financial institutions, and the key processes, technology and cultural shifts driving innovation.

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Thomas Pintelon

Why lending against your investments is perfectly compatible with daily banking and PFM & BFM

Today’s bank customers want a fluent, end-to-end experience. Unfortunately most online and mobile banking platforms are still very silo organised, with typically modules for Daily Banking, Investments...

18 Jul 2019
Jose Pierre

Data Analytics in Wealth Management

Wealth Management is undoubtedly in a period of constant change, motivated in part by changing investor preferences, regulatory developments, and evolving technologies. As Wealth Managers formulate b...

18 Jul 2019
Linda Zaikovska-Daukste

Increasing Demand of Digital Financial Product Through Value

We have all heard of products that offer several features but still do not retain their share of the market. At the same time there are the “fortunate ones,” who seem to do nothing but have incredible...

17 Jul 2019
Retired Member


The Financial Services sector has undergone a radical digital transformation in recent times. This change can be attributed to the popularity of services such as digital banking, online trading, and o...

05 Jul 2019
Retired Member

Build or Buy a Customer Data Platform: How should Financial Marketers evaluate this?

Marketers in the financial services sector has been seen many a times confused when it comes to build or buy a customer data platform. It is quite difficult for them to evalute the entire process with...

26 Jun 2019
Thomas Pintelon

How liquid asset based lending brings benefits to both banks and their customers

Imagine you have a short-term cash need [university fees for your kids] but you do have some long-term bonds in your investments portfolio. Wouldn’t it be great if your bank allows you to temporarily ...

21 Jun 2019
Mark Cresswell

Insurance tech: should legacy applications stand in the way of innovation?

The insurance industry is ripe with innovation. Tempted by the fruits of technological change, insurers seek greater opportunities for data collection, smart, adaptive policies and fraud detection tha...

17 Jun 2019
Tom Blacksell

Technology key to stop consumers leaving before the checkout

We continue to live through a period of significant economic and political uncertainty and that is putting extra pressure on organisations to make more efficient and effective decisions. Acquiring a m...

11 Jun 2019
Ron Cogburn

Where to Automate Your Business To Drive The Most Innovation

"In this world there is always danger for those who are afraid of it." George Bernard Shaw This article is a reprint from my recent article for the Forbes Technology Council Innovation i...

10 Jun 2019
David Bernard

10 reasons why automation is good for financial service providers

The topic of automation is top of the minds of many businesses across the UK. In fact, Experian research shows 2 in 5 businesses plan to automate many of their current processes this year, specificall...

07 Jun 2019
Retired Member

Is Your Banking User Centered? UX Cheklist and Tips to Integrate Right Away

In the digital age, in which there's an app for everything and almost everyone is able to build one, experience is what makes a difference. FinTechs are continuing their confident victory march in the...

04 Jun 2019
Ron Delnevo

Action Required NOW to Maintain Payment Choice in the UK -the Time for Talking and Debate is OVER!

I am a decisive person. I favour action over endless debate and discussion. Winston Churchill said “Meeting jaw to jaw is better than war.” BUT, certainly in the UK, we “jaw” too much and get too litt...

01 Jun 2019