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A discussion of trends in innovation management within financial institutions, and the key processes, technology and cultural shifts driving innovation.

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Retired Member

Contactless payments since 1926

On my desk sits one of the first contactless credit cards. It dates back to 1926 when it worked in exactly the same way as its modern NFC successor - you present it to buy goods or services. If they ...

05 Jul 2012
Retired Member

Changing a Sales Culture that is Institutionalized

INTRODUCTION Your organization has decided that you must develop new processes, methodologies and technologies to increase the effectiveness and compliance of your sales force. Those you have, the one...

03 Jul 2012
Bo Harald

Wasting tax payer's money until 2020?

Most governments are trying hard to save tax payer’s money – and even more importantly trying to push the SME-sector into digital processes and financial administration. But still too many in EU seem ...

03 Jul 2012
Retired Member

A missing 'fifth element'

Two days after the original article on "Amazon vs PayPal" was published and tweeted by several people, one of the Amazon Payments' top execs joined Finextra. Talk about coincidence... These...

28 Jun 2012
Bo Harald

Why are some governments still dragging their feet?

8 reasons for paper and PDF-deadlines NOW:

27 Jun 2012
Retired Member

What should RBS do first? Account Management Best Practice

What should RBS do first to clear up the mess left behind from the computer failure? Managing Customer Relationships Now I might be looking at this over critically through the eyes of a person who de

26 Jun 2012
Bo Harald

EC shaping up

from EEI-platform news: “We also received confirmation from several of our informal sources in Brussels. Some of them said that there are thoughts to make e-invoicing mandatory. Some others have the ...

25 Jun 2012
Retired Member

Amazon vs PayPal

Amazon and PayPal have never been friends. Their "mild animosity" goes back to 2003 when Amazon launched services aimed at (small) e-merchants, thus muscling in on the eBay's territory. In A...

25 Jun 2012
Retired Member

iZettle: missing the gravy train

I recently had a discussion as to which market represents the biggest business potential for iZettle (I said - the US). If one looked at the current EMV terminal adoptions rates worldwide, it is cle...

22 Jun 2012
Darren Negraeff

Major Hurdles Core Banking Systems need to Overcome

Core Banking Systems were built for a different world - a world that gave precedence in banking systems to security, redundancy and reliability and were architected in a product-centric way. Today, th...

21 Jun 2012
Bo Harald

64 percent of enterprises in Finland use e-invoicing

This will grow very fast as: 1. Almost all enterprises have signed up for e-invoicing services (201 000 with banks by end 2011 – 85% of all active). All have not yet started to use the services but

21 Jun 2012
Pat Carroll

Complaining in public

I was interested to hear this week that the US consumer watchdog, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has launched a public website that publishes consumer's complaints about credit cards. Intereste...

21 Jun 2012