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Assessing the carbon footprint of fintech and looking to the future.

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Hosting customers willing to stump up cash to be greener

A survey by hosting company Rackspace shows that 62 percent of respondents are concerned and are either acting already or looking at ways of reducing the impact they have on the environment. The rest ...

24 Oct 2007
Elton Cane

EBPP moves with the times; jumps on green bandwagon

US payments industry association NACHA has formed a 'green coalition' with a number of leading US banks to 'educate consumers' about the environmental benefits of electronic bills and statements over ...

20 Sep 2007
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Finextra goes green

Or at least a step greener.... We moved our hosting recently to Rackspace and I was intrigued to see a tick box on the order form to plant a tree to offset the carbon produced by the server. Apparentl...

02 Aug 2007
Steve Ellis

Analyst: online banking could save 17m trees each year

Tekrati, the analyst reporting service, has flagged up research by Javelin Strategy and Research that puts a environmental value on the shift to banking online. Read the full Tekrati story here - or ...

25 Jul 2007
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Smile and the poo-powered pyramid

Interesting to see banks jumping on the green bandwagon. Some have been displaying their green credentials for some years, such as Smile. Have a Google for Smile poo pyramid and you should find this ...

29 Jun 2007
Paul Penrose

The new clean green brigade

HSBC, the 2006 winner of the FT's sustainable banking awards, has committed a further US$90 million over five years to reduce the bank’s impact on the environment through a series of initiatives, incl...

29 Jun 2007
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Your electricity bill is now due - 7.2 billion dollars

When I worked at SYS - The School of Information Systems (as it was then known) at UEA back in the early 90s, I was told that the funky building we occupied was cleverly designed to take excess heat ...

25 Jun 2007