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The Finextra50 Financial Technology Index is a free-float value weighted index of the world's leading companies that provide technology-based products and services to the financial services industry. It was set at an indexed value of 100 at market close on Friday 4th May 2007. This is a community for discussing the index, its movements and wider M and A activity in the fintech world.

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Paul Penrose

The future of global financial markets

Panelists in the exchange consolidation session at Finextra’s Fintech M&A event in London on Tuesday were asked to look ten years into the future and hazard a guess at the likely winners in the gl...

02 Nov 2007
Elton Cane

In what sense do SmartStream and Fidessa compete?

The FT reports that SmartStream's bookbuilding for its IPO is not going quite as well as hoped, and that it probably won't be reaching the £300 million figure it said earlier this month it wanted to ...

28 Sep 2007
Paul Penrose

Is Tibco the canary in the coalmine?

Tibco's decision to downgrade its earnings forceasts for the year after experiencing a sudden fall out in contracts at the end of the quarter has spurred some analysts to suggest that that the ongoing...

07 Sep 2007
Elton Cane

Credit crunch won't stop First Data deal

First Data's acquisition by an affiliate of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR) received domestic and US regulatory approval today. In recent weeks, as the US sub-prime mortgage crisis spread to ...

22 Aug 2007
Elton Cane

Greenspam, sandwich filler and economic predictions

Normally it's not good form to take potshots at the mistakes of fellow media organisations. But today's newsletter from press release aggregator Bob's Guide contains a particularly amusing piece: ...

14 Aug 2007
Elton Cane

CheckFree sale dilutes risk of losing biggest customer

As discussed in this Finextra story from April CheckFree was facing the prospect of losing Bank of America as a customer of its payment processing business. BoA was, and still is as far as I can tell,...

03 Aug 2007
Paul Penrose

The seven billion dollar man

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts has tapped Michael Capellas to take over as CEO of First Data when its $7 billion buy out goes through later this year. Capellas made his name as a corporate turnaround artist...

12 Jul 2007
Elton Cane

Selling bits of Reuters and Thomson

Reuters and Thomson may sell off some of their overlapping products before the acquisition deal is finalised, according to some reports. Thomson One and Reuters Trader, and First Call and Multex are ...

27 Jun 2007
Elton Cane

First to leave the Finextra50

With market and sector indices, constituent companies come and go. We knew when we formulated the Finextra50 Index that we would no doubt soon be making adjustments due to the amount of M&A going ...

20 Jun 2007
Elton Cane

Predictions for changes in the Finextra50

The constituent companies of the Finextra50 index at its launch this week comprise a momentary snapshot of an industry in a rapid state of flux. If we had conducted the same index compiling exercise j...

11 May 2007
Paul Penrose

KKR takeover of First Data: the deal goes sour for JPMorgan

Nice gossipy piece of unsourced news from Reuters about a reputed spat between Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) and JPMorgan over the private equity firm’s proposed $29 billion takeover of First Data. A...

27 Apr 2007
Paul Penrose

Royalblue scores big fat zero with Gartner

Royalblue’s decision to splash up to £63 million on buy-side OMS vendor LatentZero has been given a firm thumbs down by industry analyst Gartner. Unveiling the deal earlier this week, the London-base...

20 Apr 2007

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