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Criminals are smart, and detection capabilities need to be smarter and always adapting to stay one step ahead. Time to drive out pointless investigations and finding true malignancies hidden from existing rules and machine learning techniques. Join us for conversations and articles on how to refocus financial crimes investigations into actually stopping crime.

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Kris Jones

Full Time | Blowing The Whistle on Cartel Behaviour

By Victoria Preece, Compliance Director – allpay Limited “Competition law compliance is not always given the attention that it deserves. I would like to see anti-competitive behaviour taken as seriou...

06 Apr 2022
Andrew Stevens

HMRC Warning on Scams is Only Half the Problem

This week, we heard the news that HMRC is warning Self Assessment customers to be on their guard after more than 570,000 scams were reported to HMRC last year. The news comes as a wake-up call for th...

18 Mar 2022
Retired Member

5 Steps to Managing Sanctions Risk in a Rapidly Changing Geopolitical Landscape

Geopolitical tensions such as at the Russian-Ukrainian border have thrown sanctions risk management challenges into the spotlight in recent months. Foreign policy responses to crises of this kind usua...

21 Feb 2022
Simon Moss

Looking at AML in the New Era of Money Laundering: Where we’ve been and what’s to come

The United Nations has estimated that between $800 billion and $2 trillion are laundered every year, though it’s almost impossible to know the true amount. In an attempt to deter this crime, we’re see...

01 Dec 2021
Retired Member

The three steps in fixing data for the fight against financial crime

The global cost of financial crime compliance is estimated to be $213.9bn, according to Lexis Nexis’ Global Cost of Compliance 2020 report, up from $180.9bn the previous year. And this is expected to ...

26 Nov 2021
Retired Member

The Top 5 Transaction Monitoring Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Transaction monitoring is a fundamental part of detecting and preventing your business from being used to facilitate financial crime and terrorism financing. Regulators are increasing their scrutiny o...

09 Nov 2021
Greg Woolf

In The World of Cyber Fraud, Legacy Solutions Aren't Enough

By combining fraudulent theft with cyber tactics, Synthetic Identity Fraud (SIF) has emerged as the fastest-growing financial crime. How big is the problem? Based on insights from our Cyber Fraud Net...

03 Nov 2021
Andy Edler

Banks need to understand their data to combat fraud effectively

COVID-19 has led to increased challenges with ensuring a consistent customer experience, but more than that it’s highlighted that new digital channels are making combatting ever changing “scams” harde...

29 Oct 2021
Michael Ault

A new age, the same threats: How today’s fraudsters are targeting SMEs and what you can do about it

Though it might have been hoped a decade ago that technological advances by the 2020s would have all but wiped out the threat of fraud, this is not the case. Fraud isn’t just on the rise; it’s reachin...

16 Sep 2021
John Bertrand

Scamdemic protection: call a journalist

In the Scamdemic, investigations by journalists are a source of inspiration by helping many clients receive compensation from banks who initially refused fraud reimbursement. At the point of banks say...

31 Aug 2021
Amanda Mickleburgh

We all love a bargain, but so do fraudsters

The success of Amazon’s recent Prime Day - this year over 250 million items were sold worldwide - typically results in many other merchants promoting similar sales events. With many merchants hoping ...

19 Jul 2021
Simon Moss

Where the COVID-19 Stimulus Fraud Risks Are – and How to Stop Them

We’re living in a golden age for financial crimes and it’s a good time to be a bad actor. Among the many potentials for crime is stimulus fraud – such as what occurred last year with the major stimulu...

18 May 2021

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