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Dmitry Dolgorukov

5 Ways Embedded Finance Will Change the Future

Between 2020 and 2021, the coronavirus crisis caused businesses to rethink and accelerate their digitization strategies unlike ever before. Digitization projects planned for years in advance were comp...

29 Aug 2021
Kartik Swaminathan

Olympics and Fintech - Yes, that is possible

Olympics & Fintech - Olympics is a mega event with multiple ecosystems / dimensions within: - - On one hand there is a sports event with participation from across the world - There is a dimensi...

05 Aug 2021
Steve Lemon

Why the rise of the unregulated broker all comes back to embedded finance

Forex brokers leaving their positions at established brokerage firms and setting up on their own is nothing new. I’m not revealing any trade secrets when I say that over the years it’s typically been ...

27 Jul 2021
Richard Arundel

It’s time for Fintechs to seize the moment on talent

It’s difficult to overstate just how much the way we work has changed over the past year. We all know it and we’ve all been living it since Covid-19 arrived and upended our daily lives overnight in ea...

14 Jul 2021
Tim Waterman

Finding the perfect partner for embedded finance

Over the years, our lives have become more and more digitised. Most experiences now involve some form of online interaction, whether that’s buying a new car, food shopping, banking or booking a holida...

10 Jun 2021
Hasan Nawaz

How embedded finance can be transformational for insurance

Even before COVID-19 hit, the insurance industry had some major challenges to face. In fact, research from McKinsey highlighted the revenue of the world’s insurance companies declined by $300 billion ...

07 May 2021
Simon Farmilo

What's So Special About Embedded B2B Finance?

Recently, I published an article on Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) and why it made sense for banks to build out capabilities for their banking services to be adopted by brands (both financial and non-f

14 Apr 2021
Vivek Dubey

The New FinTech Galaxy and Role of Embedded Finance

Inventing new concepts, ideas, technologies and utilizing them to an extent that has not been thought of earlier is the way forward. Embedded Finance is one example of human intelligence which has giv...

10 Apr 2021
Sophie Guibaud

Regulation and collaboration: the key to mainstream embedded finance

There was one major story in fintech during 2020: the collapse of Wirecard. The saga of the scandal-hit company increased the focus on some concerns around fintech generally. Of course, the blame fo...

31 Mar 2021
James Bessenbach

What the hell is Banking as a Service? And what is it not?

With the surging number of new banking and fintech business models emerging on the scene, it can be hard to keep them all apart. The term “Banking as a Service”, especially, still has many scratching

30 Mar 2021