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Cloud and Open banking platforms, business model and operational approach tests.

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Willem Lambrechts

Public Cloud - Private Cloud - or no cloud?

Amazon, Google, Azure,...all three public cloud providers were forced to inform their clients and shareholders about vulnerabilities in the software they use and make available to their customers. Nob...

14 Dec 2021
Alpesh Tailor

Why you should (always) be thinking cloud

Cloud has moved quickly from being seen as a competitive advantage to the new baseline of business success. Almost every business needs a cloud strategy, and this is most pronounced in financial servi...

06 Dec 2021
Dhiraj Sharma

Industry Cloud for financial Services โ€“ Fad or Future?

Promises of lower costs, increased scalability, capability to build innovative future digital offerings at rapid pace, enable better customer experiences across the channels and keep up the pace with ...

23 Nov 2021
Tejasvi Addagada

Scaling up Cloud capabilities, with right protection technology and security capabilities

The pace of digitization has increased the need for embracing the cloud for nimble management of scalable operations. 68% of IT practitioners say they are using the cloud to store most of their data. ...

17 May 2021
Steve Morgan

What is stopping banks from transitioning to the cloud?

The short answer โ€“ nothing. For the slightly longer answer, read on. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand for the cloud so much that Deloitte forecasts revenue growth among the largest public c...

06 May 2021
Nataraj Sirisilla

SAAS-Valency: Sustain Beyond commodification in Banking SAAS

Needless to say, SAAS (Software As A Service) is the buzzword in the software market today across domains and no discussion in IT corridors is complete without mention of SAAS. Banking and Financial s...

29 Apr 2021
Dmitry Dolgorukov

How The Cloud Is Changing Fintech

The 2020s are the era of the cloud. Not only are more organizations moving their infrastructure to the cloud, but over 55% say they are using multiple public clouds, according to the 2020 IDG Cloud Co...

19 Apr 2021
Elliott Limb

Masquerading as a better banking service, these perks are nothing more than small treats

As we usher in a new era of financial services, banks must look no further than the cloud to be able to quickly adapt and at a low cost, with minimum risk, all while rolling out products that customer...

18 Feb 2021
Laura Francis

Why financial institutions are banking on cloud-native technology to stay competitive

Digital banking has exploded, fueled by growing digital confidence, technology advancement and new, agile challenger banks but also a global pandemic creating an almost overnight shift in how both bus...

17 Nov 2020
Retired Member

The modernisation of payments

Public cloud is one of the biggest buzzwords in payments right now. While a few years ago financial institutions and big banks were hesitant to embrace cloud technology โ€“ if we had even mentioned putt...

21 Oct 2020
Tomasz Blicharz

The Business Model tests for cloud banking platform

Taking into consideration the initial set up of the financial institution what business measures (out of the traditional calculated ratios like ROI, IRR, etc.) should be taken into account in the deci...

08 Oct 2020

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