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The Single Euro Payments Area, the Payments Services Directive, the Eurosystem, TARGET2, STEP2, the Euro and related matters.

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Regulators about to rule on interchange -watch this closely

Here's something that could have a big impact on how payment schemes are going to compete in the future. European regulators are expected tomorrow to force MasterCard to cut interchange fees, but the ...

18 Dec 2007
Alan Goodrich

45 Shopping Days to SEPA..!

Depending on your local bank/public holidays, there are just 45 business days to "SEPA Day"..! I can't help wondering just how "SEPA-ready" banks and corporates really are with eff...

21 Nov 2007
Retired Member

Justify interchange by helping retailers fight return fraud

Return fraud is in the news again. $3.7 billion this holiday season, according to a recent report. I talk about it because I believe that payment networks are ideally positioned to help retailers addr...

16 Nov 2007
Retired Member

Contactless troubles: useful analyst insight, useless advice

According to a report by research firm Aberdeen Group, most merchants that have adopted contactless don’t promote those programs to their customers, leading to lower than expected usage and uptake of ...

13 Nov 2007
Alan Goodrich

Will UK Banks Get the X-Factor? It's the Same Difference!

What is it that keeps the excruciatingly happy brother and sister act of Sean and Sarah, Same Difference, out of the bottom two each week? My theory is very simple – they have understood what their cu...

12 Nov 2007
Retired Member

Merchants hate interchange but will pay 7-9pct for marketing

Merchants hate paying 2% for credit card interchange, yet reports show that they are willing to pay 7-9% to companies like Google that envelop the payment transaction within the shopping context and a...

07 Nov 2007
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Connectivity is about the Business, not the technology

I have a friend who has spend most of his life getting the latest technology. He is always rushing around downloading the latest drivers, getting the newest hardware and always raving about the latest...

15 Oct 2007
Bob Ford

Euro Debit Cards for UK Account Holders

I have some fun over the past year with my Bank (nameless at this point for various reasons) discussing with them SEPA and my needs as a customer. My first problem came when I wanted to pay for my at

23 Mar 2007
Elton Cane

The road to payments clearing consolidation in Europe

Today's news saw an announcement that's likely to become more commonplace over the next two years: the merger of two European payment infrastructures. The merger of Voca and Link doesn’t fit as neatly...

06 Mar 2007

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