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Victor Zheng

Banks must innovate now or they will be replaced by Big Tech

The next bank you sign up to may not be a bank at all. It could be Apple or Square, Adyen or even Stripe. If the writing isn’t on the wall already, big tech is coming after banking. What started in s...

05 May 2022
Jamel Derdour

Protecting Merchants and Making Them More Profitable

The rise of e-commerce and global payment providers has transformed the way in which merchants are able to access emerging markets. By understanding the complex infrastructure of payments systems at a...

04 Apr 2022
Dominic Banguis

5 Things You're Missing Out On When You Don't Accept Crypto Payments

The online payments ecosystem is in disruption, largely brought about by cryptocurrencies, the first of which was created over ten years ago. In February 2021, the Bitcoin exchange rate reached an all...

25 Mar 2022
Akshay Grover

Payment aggregation: bringing together the African economy

Africa’s vibrant economy and lack of significant legacy payment infrastructure have led to a curious phenomenon on the continent. On the one hand, it has given rise to an explosion of payment platform...

03 Mar 2022
Lynton Buxton

When only a cheque will do…

When compact discs were first released in the 1980’s, people were amazed at the thought of digital music and it took some years for music listeners to think about replacing their vinyl records with CD...

21 Feb 2022
Luigi Wewege

8 Truths People Might Not Know About Offshore Banking (And Should)

Perhaps you’re interested in setting up an offshore bank account. However, one internet search is all it takes to find that there’s a lot of conflicting information about offshore banking. So, what’s ...

01 Feb 2022
Jack Momose

Unlocking the potential of Japan’s ecommerce market

The Japanese market is becoming increasingly popular among western companies, fuelled by its large, wealthy population and strong perception of western goods. Yet it’s a market known for being difficu...

21 Jan 2022
David Maisey

Visa vs. Amazon – is this the start of a revolution?

The battle lines have been drawn, but which side will back down first is still to be decided. Now in its third week, the spat caused by Amazon’s announcement that it would stop accepting Visa credit c...

07 Dec 2021
Steve Morgan

ISO 20022 is coming – How banks can prepare for the new payments messaging standard

ISO 20022 is coming. The new global messaging standard for payments systems is generally agreed to be a good thing for the banking industry – the Bank of England’s consultation on the plans showed re...

09 Nov 2021
Akhil Rao

Value of ISO 20022 for FinTechs

As a common business language for the financial marketplace, ISO 20022 is firmly positioned as a unifier for new and contrasting FinTech innovations, such as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Smart...

06 Sep 2021
Laura Francis

How microservices are changing the game for operational resilience and cyber security in payments

Cloud adoption among banks has accelerated exponentially in recent years with views now pivoting towards seeing cloud as central to resiliency challenges. Unlike cloud-based systems, legacy technology...

04 Aug 2021
Jaime Lowe

The Power of Positivity in Business:

The UK has reported almost 14 consecutive days of falling Covid case numbers, tumbling from over 45,000 cases a day to below 25,000 cases as of yesterday. This is in sharp contrast to the predictions ...

02 Aug 2021

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