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Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

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Steve Morgan

Intelligent Automation: Its benefits on customer service for traditional banks

In a recent study by the FCA on banking customer satisfaction, challenger banks Monzo and Starling ranked top of the leaderboard for overall service quality, scoring 86% and 84% respectively. Traditi...

15 Mar 2021
Adam Lieberman

The benchmarking breakdown: why your competitors aren’t your competitors

Benchmarking is an incredibly useful tool. It allows organizations to measure themselves against their main competitors and identify key areas they thrive in as well as areas in which they are lacking...

11 Mar 2021
Michael Boukadakis

Conversational Banking Is a Competitive Necessity in a Remote-Everything World

Conversational voice banking was already gaining prominence in the financial services industry before the pandemic hit. Then, its importance was heightened and deployment accelerated when COVID-19 sta...

10 Mar 2021
Baldeep Dogra

Artificial intelligence: better user experience and security for the financial sector

For over 50 years, a password and a username have been the fundamental and largely unchanged model for identifying and verifying users - both in the financial sector and beyond. Nevertheless, there ar...

10 Mar 2021
Caroline Tonkin

When it comes to offshore call centres, what price is a happy customer? How can AI help?

The offshore explosion The nineties saw an explosion in the deployment of offshore service centres, the most popular destinations being China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Brazil. The

22 Feb 2021
Hani Hagras

Banking on AI to give small businesses a boost

While much attention has focused on exciting developments in digital services for consumers, its with businesses, particularly small businesses, where banks have an opportunity to shine. Banks have t

18 Feb 2021
Josh Rix

AI - Can we unpack the black box?

Some machine learning tools are incredibly complex. So complex that they are considered to be “black box” systems. On the one hand, they are determining more and more accurate outputs to increasingly ...

15 Feb 2021
Dmitry Dolgorukov

Fintech, AI and ML: What you need to know in 2021

Over the past few years, the financial world has been increasingly adopting smart solutions to cope with the industry's changing landscape. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have ...

11 Feb 2021
Alex Kreger

AI-Powered Contextual Banking CX Requires a Radical Paradigm Shift

There's no doubt about the huge potential and possibilities of conversational banking and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in banking. Though it's rarely discussed, its proper integration determines wheth...

10 Feb 2021
Chris Ibbitson

Enabling and being compliant with AI in Banking

In my last blog, I shared some thoughts on how different forms of AI could not only help improve the customer experience, but also ensure that the bank remains in compliance with various industry reg...

03 Feb 2021