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Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

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Michael Bevan

A primer on using AI for ID document verification

Today’s AI-driven KYC platforms help banks, fintechs, insurers and more onboard customers and catch fraud at a higher rate—with less dropoff—than ever before. Through the sequential use of proprietary...

11 Dec 2020
Yaroslav Kuflinski

How Is IPA Transforming Banking?

Conventionally, banks and other financial institutions start their automation journeys with robotic process automation. While certainly beneficial, RPA has proven to be limited in its automation capac...

11 Dec 2020
Chris Ibbitson

Using AI to transform the customer experience in banking

In my last blog, I shared some thoughts on how different forms of AI could help transform financial services, along with some challenges that needed to be overcome to ensure successful enterprise wid...

10 Dec 2020
Amita Choudhary

The 7 Hottest AI Trends of 2020

Artificial intelligence is still a rapidly growing field, and we keep discovering many new uses for it in various different spheres. And while it’s not clear how long this growth and progress will con...

07 Dec 2020
Darshna Shah

A Data Scientist’s introduction to sustainable finance

A marked change in atmospheric carbon has always been incompatible with Earth’s stability, and has been a feature of all 5 mass extinctions. In previous events in has taken volcanic activity up to one...

01 Dec 2020
Adam Lieberman

Is synthetic data the key to the next data boom in financial services?

Across industries, data is recognised as an organisation’s most valuable asset. From data comes knowledge and new insights that can be used to improve every function of a business, from new and better...

27 Nov 2020
Sophie Dionnet

Alternative data, AI, and ML: The road to socially responsible recovery

With a total shutdown of certain sectors of activity, it was not surprising that in June, leading economic forecaster EY Item Club predicted that GDP would shrink by 8% this year. Though the drop was ...

24 Nov 2020
Chris Ibbitson

The promise of AI in Financial Services

Artificial Intelligence, in all of its different forms, isn’t new in the financial services space. As is often the case with new technologies, banks were early adopters of AI, with early use cases be...

19 Nov 2020
Rupert Fallows

A Commercial Underwriter’s Guide to Automation, Part 2

Read Previous Blog, Part 1 - Insurance underwriting is a critical differentiator between the leaders and the laggards when one looks at it from an operational performance lens. We’ve drafted this 2nd

10 Nov 2020
Steve Morgan

Customer Service: How to Balance AI and Automation with Human Touch

If automation is operating as it should, people should not need (or want) to talk to a customer service representative. But what if something goes wrong, or the customer has a complex query? Take the ...

19 Oct 2020