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Paul Penrose

The contactless wristband

Antony Jenkins, CEO of Barclaycard says contactless chips have huge untapped capability, but the plastic around the chip limits its potential. "Take the plastic away and the possibilities are end...

09 Sep 2008
Peter J Cooper

Chrome performance sustainable? What about Android?

Anyone who thinks chrome is a geek topic is missing the point. It is also not beta in the sense that people won't wait to use it in finance. The recent launch of Google's Chrome browser is nothing sho...

03 Sep 2008
Paul Penrose

ABN Amro prepares for the virtual world of banking

ABN Amro was one of the early pioneers in buying virtual real estate in Second Life, the Internet-based 3D fantasy playground. In 2006, the Dutch bank snapped up a large number of islands and opened a...

02 Sep 2008
Retired Member

Cost cutting... Is it being done correctly? Who to blame?

Every time recession hits market we start seeing so many people loosing jobs. This happens across business domains. Every single person; from a clerk to the CEO, everyone know that such rough phase is...

31 Aug 2008
Paul Penrose

CommSec iPhone trading app shows the way

The share dealing arm of Australia's Commonwealth Bank is ready to cash in on iPhone mania ahead of the initial 3G release in the country Friday. CommSec has developed a native iPhone app that effect...

10 Jul 2008
Matt White

Twitter to rule P2P payments?

I don't really get Twitter but maybe it's time to start paying attention because the microblogging site could soon be a major player in mobile person-to-person payments. Earlier this week Nate Westhei...

04 Jul 2008
Paul Penrose

Black day for black-box technology

UK insurance company Norwich Union has scrapped a pioneering pay-as-you-drive insurance policy, which used in-car telematics and GPS satellite tracking to monitor car usage. The data was used to offe...

01 Jul 2008
Paul Penrose

Location, location, location

My last blog posting pointed to a recently-filed wireless patent from Apple for the use of GPS location tracking on the iPhone to serve up onscreen menus from establishments in your immediate vicinit...

26 Jun 2008
Paul Penrose

The iPhone as money

Apple filed a rather fascinating patent application in December last year for a wireless communication system. "A processing system is described that includes a wireless communication interface ...

13 Jun 2008
Matt White

Aviva living in a fantasy world

On the day insurance giant Aviva announced it will axe 1800 UK jobs, its American arm invited agents to visit the company's private island in Internet-based virtual world Second Life. The firm says it...

06 Jun 2008