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Stuff that's out there in the way out and beyond in banking.

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Steve Ellis

5.5 million Filipinos use mobiles for cash and payments

Here MSN and Yahoo! are each running a story by PA's Oliver Teves, that states 5.5 million Filipinos are using their mobile phones as virtual wallets to store cash and transfer money. Apparently, one...

01 Oct 2007
Steve Ellis

Web 2.0: Advanta launches IdeaBlob for SMEs

Advanta, a US based financial institution, with a big focus upon providing credit cards to the small business market place has used the Demo event in San Diego to launch IdeaBlob. IdeaBlob harnesses w...

27 Sep 2007
Ed Daniel

Expert accessibility - unleashing the wisdom of the crowds

The internet age has unleashed a massive force that is accelerating innovation, it is facilitating a most potent human behaviour... that of community and it is no surprise FinExtra has moved to addre...

19 Sep 2007
Retired Member

'Build your own Bank' to become customer centric?

Over at NetBanker, Ron's wrote about the notion of PFM (Personal Financial Manager, eg Quicken) and that will not be the solution to bringing the last holdouts into online banking. In particular, h

31 Aug 2007
Paul Penrose

Bandwidth as an Internet currency

Computer scientists at Harvard's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, in collaboration with colleagues from the Netherlands, are using a novel peer-to-peer video sharing application to explore ...

30 Aug 2007
Paul Penrose

Shoulder surfers get the brush off with EyePassword

UK payments body Apacs published a PIN security advice guide for consumers late last week reminding cardholders of the continued threat from counterfeiters and shoulder surfers. Despite the introducti...

20 Aug 2007
Steve Ellis

World Stock Exchange hacked, run on deposits, bank closes

It must be purgatory working at Linden Labs. Citizens of Second Life seem hell bent on replicating every problem of the real world. Setting aside the sex pests and the terrorists, no sooner had the au...

10 Aug 2007
Paul Penrose

The virtual world of voodoo economics

From the Sydney Morning Herald: 'The biggest bank in the virtual world of Second Life has closed its doors after a run on its deposits, putting at risk hundred of thousands of real dollars of savings...

10 Aug 2007
Elton Cane

Pirated Windows on an ATM?

Apparently sighted in Russia, with photo appearing on the EnglishRussia.com blog, this ATM has stopped working and displays a warning that the copy of Windows needs activation. Now this doesn't necess...

01 Aug 2007
Paul Penrose

The 'No Glue' future

Kevin Anderson reports for the Guardian IT on an exercise organised by the Economic and Social Research Council to consider what sort of world the interplay and advances in nanotechnology, genomics,...

29 Jun 2007