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Innotribe Sibos 2014 Building Bridges

11 August 2014  |  2354 views  |  0

It’s been six years since we launched Innotribe@Sibos, and we have put together a comprehensive programme covering a range of topics crucial to the future of the financial industry. A powerful mix of world experts in engaging keynote sessions, in-depth case studies and interactive immersive discussions, and of course the Innotribe Startup Challenge 2014 Grand Finale.

As usual, our content curators have explored the edges of our ecosystem, giving you a sneak preview of developments that have the potential to impact or even disrupt our industry in 3-5 years. Remember: Cloud, Mobile, and Social were already on the Innotribe agenda in 2009, and many of these topics have now moved mainstream.

The tagline of Innotribe at Sibos 2014 is “Building Bridges”: bridges between the core and the non-core, bridges between the disruptors and the incumbents, between what’s happening at Innotribe and the rest of the Sibos conference, bridges between the InnoTRIBE Space and our presence on the exhibition floor with our brand new InnoTRIBE Stand.

The overall theme of this year’s Innotribe at Sibos is “Network Disruptions” We will explore the move from centralised to decentralised to fully distributed networks and how these network dynamics cause a phase-change of innovation and radical disruption at an ever-faster pace and scale. With thought leaders from our Innotribe network, we will assess the impact on the financial industry, with a specific focus on the payments, securities and investment management verticals.

Our design principle this year is “depth”: in stead of scattered subjects throughout the week, we’d like to spend a full day on one particular theme, look at it from all angles, and offer advanced sensemaking and reflection for the financial industry.

Innotribe at Sibos 2014 will run over four days, each day focused on a particular set of phase-changes, disruptions and innovations:

  • Monday 29 Sep 2014: Disruption and Opportunities of Cryptocurrencies
  • Tuesday 30 Sep 2014: Network Effects - Towards a 21st Century Networked Organization
  • Wednesday 1 Oct 2014: Innovation Capabilities and Grand Finale Innotribe Startup Challenge 2014
  • Thursday 2 Oct 2014: Federation of the Fintech Innovation Ecosystem

Most of the sessions will happen in the InnoTRIBE Space: 

  • A space designed where people come alive, with multiple stages, and physical bridges to make the connections happen.
  • Overlaid with an non-intrusive digital layer, with direct feedback loops, almost real-time production of video snippets, and live production of infographics, leading to a knowledge repository for you to take back home your learning.
  • And for the first time ever, we will Live Stream the whole event, in a way that you never saw Live Streaming before


Program overview


Day-1 (Monday 29 Sep 2014): Disruption and Opportunities of Cryptocurrencies

Location: InnoTRIBE Space

Bitcoin has been the talk of the town in 2013/2014. We will offer critical conversations about the currency, the asset class, and the technical protocols. We aim to include an impact assessment of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the core business of correspondent banking, and highlight some VC investment strategies and drivers. Cryptocurrencies represent another cataclysmic shift that is real and here to stay: will financial institutions ignore this phase-change, or will they hopefully embrace for the greater interest for the industry and the customers it serves?

A mix of keynote sessions and interactive learning experiences spread of four sessions on cryptocurrencies:

  • Future of Money
  • Regulation
  • Disruption
  • Disruption, Big Banks and VCs

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Gottfried Leibbrandt, CEO SWIFT
  • Believers: Jon Matonis, Executive Director & Board Member, Bitcoin Foundation
  • Skeptics: Jem Bendell, Professor and Director of IFLAS and WEF Young Global Leader
  • Disruptors: Chris Larsen (Co-founder and CEO of Ripple Labs), Jeremy Allaire (Founder and CEO, Circle Internet Financial), Scott Millar (Founder & CEO Cryex), Marcus Swaenepoel (Co-founder and CEO Switchless), Yoni Assia (CEO eToro and Board member Israel Bitcoin Association)
  • Sensemakers: Richard Gendal Brown (Executive Architect for Industry Innovation, Banking and Financial Markets, IBM UK), Marc Hochstein (Executive Editor American Banker), Udayan Goyal (Founder Anthemis Group), Chris Skinner (Chairman, The Financial Services Club, Author of Digital Bank), Dan Marovitz (CEO Faculty of 1000 Ltd, former Managing Director, Head of Product Management, Global Transaction Banking Deutsche Bank)
  • Regulation, Stan Stalnaker (Member of the Board, Digital Asset Transfer Authority (DATA), Founder Hub Culture / Ven Currency), Adam Shapiro (Director Promontory Financial Group), and Dirk Haubrich (Head of Consumer Protection and Financial Innovation, European Banking Authority EBA, via Skype)
  • Visionaries: Vitalik Buterin, Founder of the Ethereum Project, Dan Elitzer and Jeremy Rubin, Co-creators of the MIT Bitcoin Project.
  • Investors: Barry Silbert (Founder Secondmarket and Creator Bitcoin Investment Trust)
  • Financial Institutions: Ebru Pakcan (Managing Director, Head of Global Payments, Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions), and Mark Buitenhek (Global Head Transaction Services at ING), Lee Fulmer (CTO, Global Head of Cash Management at JP Morgan), Gautam Jain (Managing Director and Global Head of Client Access, Standard Chartered Bank)

At the end of the day, we will transform the InnoTRIBE Space into an Innotribe Movie lounge - with popcorn - for a film screening of a brand new film on Bitcoin from the Trebeka film festival.

Day-2 (Tuesday 30 Sep 2014): Network Effects: Towards a 21st Century Networked Organization

Location: InnoTRIBE Space

What are the mechanisms driving network dynamics versus more linear models? How do speed and scale of disrupt everything, from HR, to innovation, software and hardware deployment, platform thinking and a revamped definition of work? What’s the impact on architecture, governance, and security when millions of devices will join the conversation?

A mix of keynote sessions and interactive learning experiences spread over five sessions:

  • The Network always wins
  • From Hierarchies to Wierarchies
  • Platform thinking
  • Beyond APIs
  • Ecosystem Innovation

Confirmed speakers:

  • Peter Hinssen (Thought leader and Co-founder of NexxWorks): keynote “The Network always Wins”
  • Mickey McManus (Chairman @ Principal MAYA Design): when Trillions join the conversation
  • Jon Husband (Founder, Wierarchy)
  • Celine Schillinger (Charter Member, Change Agents Worldwide LLC and Senior Director, Stakeholder Engagement Sanofi, 2013 French Woman’s Award by La Tribune)
  • Sangeet Paul Choudary (Founder and Managing Director, Platform Thinking Labs)
  • Haydn Shaughnessy (Author and Consultant on platform-based transformation and innovation/ Owner, Bearing-Cogenuity Research)
  • John Sheldon (SVP, Group Head of Innovation Management, MasterCard)
  • Ann Badillo (Entrepreneur in Residence, T2 Venture Creation) on Ecosystems
  • Todd Johnston (Entrepreneur in Residence, T2 Venture Creation) on Ecosystems


Day-3 AM (Wednesday 1 Oct 2014): Innovation Capabilities for the 21st Century

Location: InnoTRIBE Space

In this session we will discuss the Innovation Capabilities needed by organisations to succeed in the 21st century. We will look at cross-industry Innovation Indices/Benchmarks based on both input and the output of the innovation process.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Haydn Shaughnessy (Author and Consultant on platform-based transformation and innovation/ Owner, Bearing-Cogenuity Research)

Day-3 PM (Wednesday 1 Oct 2014):Innotribe Startup Challenge 2014

Location: InnoTRIBE Space

For sure one of the climax moments of this year’s edition, the now famous Innotribe Startup Challenge 2014 Grand Finale, showcases the 15 finalists from our regional showcases in London, Singapore and New York. Sponsored this year by HP, SAP, Invest Northern Ireland, Level 39, and SWIFT.

New this year is that we have tagged the startups that applied to the Startup Challenge in order to highlight new trends that are affecting the financial service industry.

We will use this information to understand what threats and opportunities are currently in the financial service industry space and identify the areas where the startups are innovating these days.

Followed by a reception and celebration of the winners.


Day-4 (Thursday 2 Oct 2014): The federation of the Fintech innovation ecosystem

Location: InnoTRIBE Space

On day-4, we create a true federation of as many as possible movers and shakers of the Fintech ecosystem.

With keynotes, interactive sessions and informal conversations, we hope to give an overview of the successes, lessons learned, challenges and opportunities in the Fintech innovation ecosystem.

We plan to gather the who’s who of the Fintech innovation scene:

  • Heads of Innovation of the major financial institutions
  • Fintech accelerators, incubators, and bootcamps
  • Innotribe and other Startup communities
  • Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists and Captive Funds from some major financial institutions.

A mix of keynote sessions and interactive learning experiences spread over four sessions:

  • Captive Funds
  • Reverse Pitching
  • Ties Bank vs Facebook Bank with Innovate Finance
  • Topical Speed Networking
  • Closing ceremony Innotribe

To kick-off day-4 we have gathered the top captive funds in one session starting on 2 Oct at 09:30 am, and moderated by Tony Fish, Founder AMF Ventures:

  • Vanessa Colella, Director Citi Ventures
  • Christophe Chazot, New Group Head of Innovation, HSBC
  • Derek White, Chief Design Officer, Barclays
  • Matteo Rizzi, General Partner, Sberbank SBT Venture Capital
  • Julio Faura, Head of R&D and Innovation, Banco Santander
  • Manual Silva Martinez, Vice-President BBVA Ventures

More to follow on day-4

All days: Startup Alumni Stand

Location: InnoTRIBE Stand (next to the main SWIFT stand)

Throughout the Sibos week, we are welcoming you in our wonderful Startup Alumni Village/Satellite/Stand on the exhibition floor: we’ll have a focus on the Alumni of the Innotribe Startup Challenge.

Winners of previous years will have a chance to:

  • Present their offerings to the Sibos audience
  • Have private conversations “Office Hours” with interested financial institutions and investors.

Bookstore and Publications

We’ll have a Bookstore corner in our InnoTRIBE Space, including:

  • The 2014 Innotribe/Informilo Magazine, a glossy publication reflecting the Innotribe program, startups, and federated ecosystem. Advertising and sponsoring options still available.
  • Books and essays published by our speakers, and opportunity for signing by the authors.
  • A curated set of other non-commercial publications, research documents, and innovation whitepapers (please let us know if you have a publication you would like to share for free in the InnoTRIBE Space)
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