12 December 2017
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Visa token service key to Apple's mobile payments plans - analysts

05 August 2014  |  12555 views  |  3
Analysts at Pacific Crest Securities (PCS) have joined the Apple mobile payments guessing game, speculating that recent security moves by Visa will see the iPhone 6 go contactless.

Digital fingerprints the future of a secure payment

05 August 2014  |  4509 views  |  1

Following Visa token service key to Apple's mobile payments plans - analysts.

A Visa token framework is a global standard to enhance the security of digital payments and simplify the purchasing experience when shopping on a phone, tablet, computer or other smart device. A lot could be said to make it ISO and align most initiatives to ensure consistency across the globe. The payments industry has a long history of collaborating to develop the necessary standards. And the Visa token is a step forward in assuring a better level of security while using mobiles for payments.

This continued transition from plastic cards to digital should not stop here. Digital fingerprints are the future of this industry. Whether being used to access a building, secure restricted locations within, or for time and attendance management, biometric authentication technology has come a long way. Biometric security devices do much more than authentication: they also provide the right level of security.

Applications like the Morpho, should be the target of Apple and other smart phones. In a combination of fingerprints expertise from Sagem and Apple advance mobile design, a new secure online one stop shop for communication, payment and online access will see the day light. Only then, using a smart phone like IPhone will be a better alternative to a debit/credit card.

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Jocelyn Mcclintic
Jocelyn Mcclintic - North Payments - London | 03 January, 2015, 08:53

Secure payment is very convenient for the consumer. In most cases, you only need to enter your account information such as your credit card number and shipping address once. It also a big help for businesses. Secure payment lowers costs for businesses. The more payments they can process electronically, the less they spend on paper and postage. Offering online payment can also help businesses improve customer retention

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