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Ukeleles - an unstoppable musical force

17 October 2007  |  2454 views  |  2

Back in June I mentioned the Great ukelele shortage - well it seems the growth in popularity of the instrument continues apace according to this in the Guardian. It's now taking over from the humble recorder as instrument of choice in schools. 

So Fintech community types - what do you play? I heard Sex Panther had one.



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A Finextra member
A Finextra member | 23 October, 2007, 11:02

I have quite an expansive history here, ranging from the mandatory recorder playing to my current instrument of choice, the drums. Along the way I have played almost every brass instrument under the sun (receiving a school scholarship for my French-Horn skills no less!) and have enjoyed a brief stint as a violinist and a very poor attempt as a pianist.

After reading your blog though I feel inspired to buy myself a Ukulele and to become the George Formby for the modern age. If I’m honest I know I will never even pick the thing up though – whilst at university I spent a small fortune on a high end acoustic guitar and had visions of myself at parties wowing the throngs with my flawless rendition of ‘Redemption song’. I got as far as the opening bars of Nirvana’s ‘Come As You Are’, and the guitar has been gathering dust ever since! This time will be different though, you’ll see!

As for fellow Sex Panthers’ musical abilities, I have witnessed first hand Dr Nick Bone’s beautiful guitar styling’s – an incendiary cross between Santana and Clapton, with just the slightest whiff of Page! Beyond that I’m not sure how we would fair without our pre-recorded backing. Who knows though, with ‘The Kid’ (that’s me…apparently) on drums and ‘The Doctor’ on guitar, perhaps there is potential for ‘Sex Panther’ to become a ‘serious’ group. We have only been going for a short time now and already I can’t help but think we are not being taken seriously as artists somehow! Perhaps if we had a bassist on board we might have some more credibility… Any takers for an audition? We will of course be needing a new drummer in the not too distant future as well when I take my inevitable transition to ‘lead ukulele’ – I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

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Peter Roberts
Peter Roberts - UCL - London | 23 October, 2007, 12:06

There's a possible use for technology here. You could just get a computer, sack the rest of the band and go solo.

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Daniel Szmukler
Daniel Szmukler - EBA Group - Paris | 25 October, 2007, 13:42



I like to clarify that all comments on the musical future of the "Sex Panthers", as may or may not be expressed in this blog, do neither represent nor bind our rock group or its management, but constitute merely personal views expressed by individual group members.

The Manager 


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