28 October 2016
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NATO persecution update

06 July 2011  |  8170 views  |  0

Hackers claimed yesterday that they had hacked NATO primary servers including nato.int. Read, this is not the library where 11,000 often amateurish passwords were used by Military, NSA and other personnel accessing the library. In that case the library was maintained by a third party.

In the most recent intrusion hackers have taken over the nato.int network. As a demonstration they posted a couple of thousand random files on to the internet along with some admin logins.

Protesting the continued financing and developement of nuclear weapons by NATO member states is the reported reason. The hackers highlighted how insecure even the most secured systems really are. The solution will not easily be found. Perhaps as hard as finding justification for building new nuclear weapons when the nuclear 'friends' we have (reactors) are killing us quite quickly enough without NATO help.

I would work on the assumption that any 'enemy' who wants to know your 'secrets' will already have them. Ditto for personal data.

There is more on the HackerNews Network, but you may not want to go there. The report


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