28 October 2016
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Why the World Is Going To Change Fast

18 March 2011  |  4402 views  |  0

In case you didn't notice, people have been doing bad things. Normally one can rise above the riff-raff, and 'that Dictator isn't bothering my children', that corporation 'isn't directly affecting me'.


Try rising above the Japanese reactors.

First: The Japanese company Tepco had a history of falsifying reports on nuclear safety.

Second: Even I knew within 1 minute of the wave hitting that there was no chance of preventing a meltdown. Why - because I'm interested and made sure I witnessed the nuclear technicians panic on the floor of the reactor, as they alternated between finding out about their families and stopping the reactor cores from cooking, with no power. They mentioned the word meltdown within minutes of the wave hitting.The backup, backup batteries were incapable. Either through poor maintenance or additional water damage.

Tepco also knew this within minutes.

Their early reports were either wild optimistic guesses or downright lies.

If I had said what they said at the same time I would have been lying through my teeth.

It was 3 meltdowns on the way, regardless of what anyone did. The real issue was the cooling ponds. Tepco conveniently failed to even mention those in their press briefings. Luckily someone told the US.

The opportunity to redress this environment which allows corporations to put every single human being on the planet at risk, is now.

I am going to make sure that the fate of humanity does not rest with some gambling corporate swilling at the trough.

Clean your houses. We are coming.


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