25 October 2016
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A place to share stuff that isn't at all fintec related but is amusing, absurd or scary.
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Cards better than cash for fast food - Visa

21 June 2007  |  5461 views  |  0
For consumers buying fast food and beverages at quick service restaurants (QSRs), speed is of the essence. According to a new survey commissioned by Visa, 82 percent of respondents agree that QSR purc...

Visa's Big Whopper promotion

21 June 2007  |  4314 views  |  0

Visa has partnered with Burger King to promote the use of plastic cards instead of cash in the fast food sector. Over the next three months Burger King customers paying for meals with Visa will qualify for a free meal on every tenth purchase.

Nice to see Visa doing its bit to fight the scourge of obesity and encourage healthy lifestyle options among its customers.

Make mine a Double Whopper with Cheese! (for the health conscious food faddists out there that's a mere 923 calories - nothing I couldn't shake off with a ten-mile run).

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