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Bank of America awarded patent for corporate card technology

Bank of America has been granted a patent for a new application that will enable clients to manage the available funds on corporate purchasing cards in real time.

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Not so fast....... Bank of America's patent is 7,319,986

Not so fast... 

" Including and distinguishing prior art in the patent application, which will be noted in a patent if and when a patent ultimately issues, entitles the patent holder to this tremendous presumptive advantage, by law. "

I took a look at Bank of America's patent -  7,319,986 issued Jan. 15, 2008. In BofA's patent, there was no mention of a prior art which was already issued a patent status in August of 2005 by USPTO, patent no. 6,931,382.

Bank of America's patent 7,319,986, claims no. 9 and 23 which provide the actual management/security/control of a card account (payment instrument) by allowing a cardholder to set limits which will then be 'tested' prior to authorizing a card transaction has already been cited as a claim in a patented prior art - No. 6,931,382, claim no. 7.


Inventor of Prior Art (Patent No. 6,931,382)



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