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Fancy Blowing Some Bitcoin on a Shopping Spree?

Believe it or not, there's a great new website that has a wide range of products priced in pounds sterling and get this – Bitcoin!  If your virtual wallet is bursting at the seams and you just have to offload some of your cryptocurrency, one e-Commerce site promises to help you do precisely that.  And all of this has been made possible by Nick Boardman – an entrepreneur who envisioned great things in the e-Commerce industry in the United Kingdom.

Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

The name of the site is and you guessed it – Bitcoin X Deals is fast becoming the go to destination for all those Bitcoin currency folks looking to enjoy the fruits of their labours. A wide range of products and services is available including: computing, entertainment, fine art, investments, jewellery, sporting goods, training courses and transport.

But before you get started, you'll want to know precisely how much your Bitcoin is worth in conventional money. Based on the current rate of exchange, 1 Bitcoin is equal to £201.34. Fortunately, you don't need to worry about making mental calculations, since both the Bitcoin (BTC) price and the GBP price are listed for you.

For example some of the hottest products include artwork by Paul Oz, with the Joker Giclee printed on a boxed Canvas for £795 – or 3.976 Bitcoin. If you're looking to go upscale, you may want to buy a pre-preowned Rolex Submariner for 21.7753 Bitcoin (BTC) or £4,350

How Does This Marketplace Work?

It's really simple, and pretty much anyone can get started buying and selling on First of all you need to open an account – this is free. Once everything's been verified, and approved, listed items will be ready for sale. Buyers can easily contact sellers with any questions they have about the listed items. The money – or in this case BTC will be held in escrow until confirmation has been received from the seller and a courier tracking number has been assigned. For its part, takes a 5% commission from the sale price, with the balance going to the seller.

At this time there are only a handful of items for sale, with approximately 100 stock keeping units (SKU) available to potential buyers. Everything is being done manually now, but this marketplace looks likely to expand rapidly in coming weeks and months. All sorts of products are available such as golf gear, personalised car number plates, hotel stays, private charters and of course consumer electronics. For sellers, there is the allure of free listings and the aforementioned 5% fee is way less than what eBay or Amazon charges. For buyers, it couldn't be easier to transfer some digital currency through this e-Commerce site. QR codes, manual transfers and automatic transfers are readily available. It really is that easy to make payments for some of the most luxurious gifts and services you could ever imagine.

Where Else Can You Spend Your Bitcoins?

Believe it or not, 2014 has been a ground-breaking year for Bitcoin in the marketplace. Some of the biggest retailers in the world are now accepting payments in the form of Bitcoin. You'll be glad to know that these retailers are not only online merchants, they are also land-based merchants. It seems that cryptocurrency is fast gaining traction as a reputable and accepted form of payment.

There are loads of aggregator sites that pull together information from the web about which businesses accept Bitcoin. Here are just a handful of them: Dell via Coinbase,, BTCTrip, Air Lituanica, Overstock, Newegg,, Monoprix, TigerDirect, Honest Brew, and the UKs Theatre Tickets Direct. And that's just a sampling of the many businesses that now take cryptocurrency. There’s no doubt that digital currency holds plenty of weight in the real world! 


Bitcoin Accepted Not Only in the Online Market

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