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Freddie McMahon


INTRODUCTION Innovation is about changing the status quo in a way that adds value to stakeholders. To demonstrate adding value requires measurement. With this clear definition of innovation, lets app...

11 Nov 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Freddie McMahon

Regulation Chatbots: Knowledge First, Data Second

Data is the enabler for any digital strategy. Organizations need timely and accurate data from human interactions. This is an imperative for sensing early and responding quickly to ever changing circu...

11 Jul 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Freddie McMahon

When are we going to rethink how regulations are applied in practice?

By Regulation we mean national law and its extensions such as defined by Regulators and Standards, and the way its applied in practice through Policies and Procedures. The problem is compounded throug...

04 May 2019
Finextra site news
Freddie McMahon

Regulation Chatbots: The Machine versus Human Redline

The growing recognition of new value creation from using chatbots has amplified market hype, even though there are many genuine cases delivering benefits. This growing momentum has cultivated a populi...

09 Apr 2019
Innovation in Financial Services
Freddie McMahon

CHATBOTS: The digitalisation of knowledge through a new lens

79% of executives now believe seamless and digital access to knowledge is very important to overall business performance. Executives understand that there is too much dependency upon knowledge in peop...

22 Jan 2019
Digital Banking Trends